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Case Study: Microsoft

Learn how the Microsoft marketing team uses Semantria Storage & Visualization (SSV) to process millions of social media documents, tracking over a thousand brands and products.

Case Study: FalconIO

It only took one month for social media giant FalconIO to integrate the Semantria API into its dashboard product, bringing social listening to its customer base.

Case Study: Tough Mudder

Discover how ToughMudder deployed Semantria for Excel for survey analysis and subsequently reduced manual coding by 90%.

Case Study: KPMG Nunwood

KPMG Nunwood uses Semantria API to define complex customer journeys. Learn how Lexalytics excels in customer experience management applications.

Case Study: Revinate

It took Revinate just six weeks to integrate Semantria API into its product offering. Find out how this partnership brings the power of Lexalytics NLP to some of the world's biggest hotel brands.

Case Study: evolve24

A leader in the data analytics space, evolve24 partnered with Lexalytics to solve complex social data problems. They continue to utilize Salience On Premise, Semantria API, and Semantria for Excel to process 4.5 million documents every day.

Case Study: Brandtix

Brandtix leads the space in sports related reputation analytics. The world's top football clubs depend on Brandtix's Sport Index Platform to manage brand equity across players, organizations, and even stadiums. Brandtix turned Lexalytics' Semantria API to power the listening function of its platform, which processes over 500,000 documents every day.

Case Study: Alternatives Pharma

See how French pharmaceutical company AlternativesPharma deployed Semantria API and Semantria for Excel, utilizing Lexalytics' fully customizable analysis configuration to create 2,000+ data points.

Case Study: VOZIQ

Contact and Call Centers depend on text analytics. Find out how Lexalytics helped VOZIQ pass on a 10% boost in retention to its clients. Using Lexalytics' end-to-end solution, VOZIQ's automatic call log analysis technology excels at identifying high risk customers.

White Paper: Supplementing NPS Scores With Text Analytics

NPS scores are important, but they don't give you the full story. That's where text analytics comes in.

White Paper: Intentions

Some people call it "intention extraction," others call it "predictive analytics." In this white paper we review the science of knowing what a consumer will do next.

White Paper: Lexalytics Loves Machine Learning

Text analytics is a "machine learning hard" task. This white paper gives a 10,000 foot view of Lexalytics' use of machine learning.

White Paper: What is Sentiment Scoring

What is sentiment scoring, and why should you care? This white paper outlines the basic of sentiment extraction in text analytics.

White Paper: Categorization

What are they talking about? Learn how we use natural language processing to categorize and sort comments, reviews and other text documents.

White Paper: Sentiment Extraction

How does sentiment scoring work? This white paper details some of the methods we use to measure the emotional tone of text documents.

White Paper: Dealing with Context in Text Mining

Context is the last frontier of text analytics. This white paper covers the complexities of getting a machine to think like a human, with a focus on Lexalytics' unique and powerful approach.

White Paper: Entity Extraction

Who are they talking about? Learn how we extract people, places, dates, companies, products, jobs, and titles from text documents.

White Paper: Natural Language Processing

This white paper is a useful primer on the fundamentals and mechanisms of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

White Paper: Build vs. Buy

Should you build your analytics solution from the ground up? Or, should you sign a licensing agreement with a vendor. This white paper explores both options.

White Paper: Text Mining, What Is It Good For?

Five real-world examples of how data analysts, customer experience managers and marketing professionals are using text analytics to achieve their goals.

Data Sheet: Customer Experience Management

See how Lexalytics transforms voice of customer and experience management by turning mountains of surveys, reviews and comments into actionable insights.

Data Sheet: Semantria Storage & Visualization

Cloud-based analytics platform that integrates with Lexalytics NLP solutions to provide full-stack historical and predictive text analytics.

Data Sheet: Salience

State-of-the-art natural language processing engine deployed behind your firewall, extracting the richest possible insights from large volumes of unstructured text.

Data Sheet: Semantria API

Agile cloud-based natural language processing API that adds customizable text analytics and reporting into your application or dashboard.

Data Sheet: Semantria for Excel

Natural language processing and historical/predictive analytics in your Excel ribbon, perfect for survey coding, social listening and customer review analytics.

Data Sheet: Solutions Profile

See how our natural language processing and “words-first” machine learning combine in this overview of our full-stack business intelligence solution.

Data Sheet: Voice of Employee

Reduce workforce churn and increase performance by analyzing company reviews, employee surveys and internal communications to hear true voice of employee.

Data Sheet: AI Assembler

Machine learning toolkit for solving unique natural language problems that saves time and reduces costs for data scientists.

One-Pager: Lexalytics General Information

Get a quick overview of how Lexalytics translates text documents into value in this one-pager.

Data Sheet: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Learn how Lexalytics cures data headaches in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology using natural language processing.

Data Sheet: Social Media Monitoring

Learn why the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform is your best solution for translating social data into useful insights.

Data Sheet: Lexalytics Professional Services

Time and money are your two most valuable resources. So don’t waste a moment or a penny, and bring in Lexalytics to help set up your text analytics system.

Blog Posts

Airport Series: LAX and Mastering the Final Mile

Few acronyms generate as visceral a reaction as “LAX.” In this penultimate installment of the airport series, we explore how NLP is used to identify and address specific issues inherent to airport infrastructure.

How to Build A Data-Driven Voice of Customer Program to Increase Revenue and Reduce Churn

Data-driven VoC programs are proven to increase lifecycle value and reduce churn. Learn how to build an effective voice of customer program that creates tangible value, while avoiding common data analytics pitfalls.

Research: Context

Our Chief Scientist, Paul Barba, introduces a paper from his fellow Lexalytics researchers. The subject matter details how machines might be taught to understand context within natural language.

Airport Series: Seattle-Tacoma and The Angry Customer

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a small international airport servicing a big international clientele. In this airport series we explore how unraveling one Facebook review leads to wide ranging insights, from staff attitude to bathroom cleanliness and beyond.

Predictive Text Analytics by VOZIQ, 2018 Product of the Year

Our star partner VOZIQ has been named 2018 Unified Communications Product of the Year! Let’s look at how VOZIQ delivers breakthrough predictive text analytics using Lexalytics natural language processing.

Airport Series: SFO and Building a Better Delay

There’s no doubt that San Francisco International Airport is the gateway to the world’s tech capital. So it’s no surprise the airport likely employs text analytics to guide billion dollar terminal renovations and daily improvements alike. In this installment of the airport series, we see how SFO effectively listens to its customers.

Are We in an AI Hype Bubble? Not Necessarily

It could be 20 or 30 years before AI matches humans, researchers now say. But VC firms are still investing billions. Are we in an AI hype bubble?

Airport Series: McCarran and Las Vegas

When an airport company reviews social data they need to be able to find the signal in the noise. Airports and the cities they serve are often confusingly interchanged on social media. In this article, we use filters and a custom configuration to see exactly what people are saying about McCarran International Airport.

3 Surprising AI Applications in Food, Energy and Airlines

Artificial intelligence for the food, energy and airline industries? These clever AI applications will surprise and inspire you.

AI is Not Set and Forget

Paul Barba sat visited premier data publication KD Nuggets to discuss the importance of maintaining AI models.

When Everything in AI is Unique, How Do You Solve for It?

Recently, our Chief Scientist, Paul Barba, explained to Dataversity the perils of relying on a one-size-fits-all AI solution with specific examples from history.

Getting Business Value From Artificial Intelligence

Our CEO, Jeff Catlin, stopped over at Forbes to discuss exactly how businesses can use artificial intelligence to create real world value.

Stories of AI Failure, and How They Could Have Been Avoided

How is an AI like a car? Both can function for a while on their own, but neglect them for too long and you’re in trouble. Just like a car, AI requires maintenance. This week’s AI News & Insights explores the importance of regular AI maintenance and examines some stories of AI failure.

Cloud or On Premise for Data Analytics: How to Choose

Discover the 4 factors driving companies back to private cloud or on premise for data storage and analytics, and learn whether you should, too.

The EContent 2018 Trendsetting Awards

EContent announced their 2018 Trendsetting Products! We’re honored to see Lexalytics AI Assembler, our latest product, mentioned on the list. Check out this article to see how AI Assembler will change the space.

AI Won't Solve Fake News (Not Today, Anyway)

Why is AI so bad at fighting fake news? Learn why AI won’t solve fake news, and why the problem is only getting worse with AI-generated fake videos.

Airport Series: JFK And Planning For The Future

JFK International Airport is about to undergo a massive renovation. To understand what JFK should change and why, we analyzed 1000’s of traveler reviews using our web-based text analytics platform. Here’s what we found.

Breaking Free From Unrealistic AI Expectations

Are you tired of overhyped AI promises and moon-shot idealists who fail to deliver? Free yourself from the seduction of overhyped and unrealistic AI.

Using AI to Unlock the Brain

This week: cognitive neuroscientists are using AI to unlock the brain and understand how it works; Gary Kasparov says AI will make us more human; and how to avoid “analysis paralysis” with your AI.

Cambridge Analytica: Big Data Changing How You Act, Bigly

The Cambridge Analytica Files have ripped open the conversation around data analytics, privacy, and marketing. In this probing and humorous article, our CMO shares his unique perspective as a marketing professional at a data analytics company.

A Guide to Underwhelming with AI

This week: a guide to underwhelming with AI, featuring Watson for Oncology; why Forrester says 75% of early AI projects will underwhelm; and Stephen Hawking’s different AI warning.

Artificial Intelligence < Nukes

Elon Musk put on his oracle hat at SXSW and offered another dire warning to humanity: AI is dangerous and it is coming for you. Our CMO, Seth Redmore, takes issue with this.

Hallucinating AI is a Big Security Problem

This week: hallucinating AI is causing security headaches and potential disasters; a new report dives into potential malicious uses of artificial intelligence; and California legislators are taking action to protect you, your data and your privacy.

Tuning vs. Training, Nazar Amulets, and Sentiment

Our CMO lays out the challenges of annotating the more obscure emoji in the Unicode Consortium’s latest release.

When Is "Good" Good Enough for AI?

Popular media and hype cycles are leading us to expect radical changes and perfect results from artificial intelligence. But you don’t read perfectly, so why should your AI? In this blog, veteran CIO Carl Lambrecht explains when “good” is good enough for AI.

Elon Musk vs Harvard, AI Alarmist vs AI Realist

This week: it’s Elon Musk vs Harvard, as they spar over the dangers of narrow and general AI; a Google executive warns about “movie-inspired death scenarios” from Terminator-style AI; and here are 3 tips on how businesses can avoid dangerous AI.

Jeff Catlin's AI Predictions for 2018

This week: Jeff Catlin gives us his AI predictions for 2018, plus a much-needed reality check (he says AI needs to consider its privilege); some areas where AI is already rivaling humans; and Steve Wozniak joins the camp of AI realists.

Hyperparameter Theft!

Hyperparameter optimization is akin to a secret ingredient in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And, much like Arthur Slugworth, there are nefarious entities afoot in the machine learning community. In this article, Chief Scientist Paul Barba goes over the ins and outs of hyperparameter theft!

AI's Biggest Risk Factor is Big Data Itself

This week: AI’s biggest risk factor is big data itself, and the stakes are getting higher; exploring more legal and compliance risks from AI; and a tour through the history of AI and machine learning.

Emoji Speak Louder Than Words

We’ve updated our lexicon to come into compliance with Emoji 11.0, the 2018 update from the Unicode Consortium. Our COO, Tim Mohler, discusses why this is important in today’s blog post.

Airport Series: Denver International Airport and the Illuminati

Is Denver International Airport a haven for secret Illuminati ceremonies? You might think so by looking at an analysis of its Facebook page. In this latest installment of the airport analysis series, we look at how important it is for a text analytics solution to account for sarcasm and satire.

AI Bias in Facial Recognition, AI's Role in Ethical Decision Making, and More

 This week: new cases of racial and gender bias in AI facial recognition should make you think; experts say humans may need to merge with AI; and exploring the role of AI in ethical decision making.

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