Resources / Papers

Case Studies

Tough Mudder  Download (PDF )
KPMG Nunwood  Download (PDF )
AlternativesPharma  Download (PDF )
Brandtix  Download (PDF )
TrendKite  Download (PDF )
Revinate  Download (PDF )
VOZIQ  Download (PDF )
Falcon.io  Download (PDF )
evolve24  Download (PDF )

White Papers

Text Mining - What is it Good For?  Download (PDF )
Build vs Buy for Text Mining  Download (PDF )
Natural Language Processing  Download (PDF )
Entity Extraction  Download (PDF )
Dealing with Context in Text Mining  Download (PDF )
Sentiment Extraction: Measuring the Emotional Tone of Text  Download (PDF )
Categorization of Text  Download (PDF )
Sentiment Analysis  Download (PDF )
Lexalytics Loves Machine Learning  Download (PDF )
Intentions  Download (PDF )
Supplementing NPS Scores with Real Insights  Download (PDF )


Best for Social Media  Download (PDF )
Executive Summary  Download (PDF )
Professional Services  Download (PDF )
Solution Profile  Download (PDF )


Start from the Question—A Guide to Unstructured Text Analysis  Download (PDF )

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