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Lexalytics is a text analytics company that believes in data science literacy for all. This content portal is a resource for understanding natural language processing while highlighting Lexalytics products and partners. Use the search or sort functions in the top menu to quickly navigate a regularly updated repository of white papers, case studies, reseach papers, blog posts, and other media.

Case Studies

Case Study: Outdoor Equipment Retailer: VoC 360°

A major US Outdoor Equipment Retailer uses the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform to unify its data streams for a 360° view of what customers are saying.

Case Study: Food & Facilities Management

This leader in food and facilities management unlocked the hidden insights in their client interview PDFs to get a 360° view of the client relationship.

Case Study: Biogen: Medical Information Search Application

The Medical Information Department at Biogen Japan, a major biotechnology company, uses a Lexalytics-built semi-custom application to empower their human contact center operators.

Case Study: Microsoft: Integrating Social and Survey Data

Microsoft's Customer Market Research team uses Semantria Storage & Visualization to monitor more than 1,000 brands and products across social media.

Case Study: Technomic: AI Categorization Solution

Technomic uses a Lexalytics-built AI categorizer to handle incoming new data, saving up to 40 people-hours of labor per category and freeing their analysts to focus on customer-facing market intelligence, forecasts and reports.

Case Study: Financial Services: Regulatory Disclosure Compliance

An Australian financial services firm uses a Lexalytics-built Semi-Custom Application to ensure their compliance with regulatory disclosure mandates in client Statement of Advice documents.

Case Study: Gensler: Analyzing Airport Social Media Reviews

Architects from Gensler's Los Angeles Aviation and Transportation Studio use the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform to make better-informed decisions about the planning and design of airports.

Case Study: Resonate Solutions: Customer Experience Management Platform

Resonate Solutions offers a Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform that helps medium-to-large enterprises from financial services to retail and healthcare understand their customers better and empower teams by specializing in Voice of the Customer (VoC), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Employee Engagement and by driving customer centricity.

Case Study: Barry Nash & Co: Broadcast Performance Coaching

Barry Nash & Company use the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform to perform deep market research, identify ideal on-air personality and performance characteristics, and gauge the success of their programs.

Case Study: VOZIQ: Improving Predictive Customer Churn Models

VOZIQ uses the Semantria API to add dynamic consumer feedback analytics into their contact and call center intelligence platform and build better customer churn prediction models.

Case Study: FalconIO: Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing wizards FalconIO integrated the Semantria API into their dashboards to bring a new level of social listening insight to their customers.

Case Study: Tough Mudder: Reducing Manual Survey Coding by 90%

ToughMudder reduced manual coding labor by 90% using Semantria's custom queries and Lexalytics' support.

Case Study: KPMG Nunwood: Understanding Customer Pain Points

KPMG Nunwood uses Semantria API to define complex customer journeys for major brands like American Airlines. Learn how Lexalytics excels in customer experience management applications.

Case Study: Revinate: Next-Generation Hospitality Analytics Platform

It took Revinate just six weeks to integrate Semantria API into its product offering. Find out how this partnership brings the power of Lexalytics NLP to some of the world's biggest hotel brands.

Case Study: evolve24: Creating Strategic Direction for Enterprises

evolve24 uses Salience and Semantria API to process 4.5 million documents every day, solving complex challenges with their clients' social media data.

Case Study: Brandtix: Powering the World’s First Real-Time Sports Index

Brandtix uses Lexalytics' Semantria API to help the world's top football clubs manage brand equity across players, organizations, and even stadiums.

Case Study: AlternativesPharma: Improving Pharma Communications

AlternativesPharma drew on Semantria's configuration tools to help pharmaceutical marketing teams improve their communications with categorization and market analytics.


Data Sheets

Data Sheet: Company & Technology Overview

This data sheet offers a general overview of what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for, including our NLP features, products, deployment options, industries and applications, and more.

Data Sheet: Tuning & Machine Learning Services

Learn how we solve precision and accuracy issues in text analytics by tuning the system or training a machine learning "micromodel" to solve particularly tricky challenges.

Data Sheet: Regulatory Compliance

This solution profile explains how Lexalytics helps you improve existing compliance processes and scale your compliance teams more easily, resulting in lower costs and reduced risk across your organization.

Data Sheet: Semantria Storage & Visualization

Semantria Storage & Visualization adds web-based data storage, document management, and data visualization tools to your Lexalytics Intelligence Platform solution.

Data Sheet: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This solution profile explains how RPA vendors can solve more and broader enterprise use cases by integrating a complete, customizable text analytics solution into their platform, and why Lexalytics is the perfect technical partner to add that next level of analytical differentiation.

Data Sheet: People Analytics & Voice of Employee

This solution profile shows how you can use Lexalytics for Voice of Employee (VoE) to analyze and interpret employee feedback within a larger People Analytics program.

Data Sheet: Semi-Structured Data Parsing

Learn how Lexalytics combines our semi-structured data parser with NLP to unlock the full value of contracts, medical billing code updates, and other financial, medical and legal documents.

Data Sheet: Social Media Monitoring & Listening

This solution profile shows how you can use Lexalytics natural language processing (NLP) solutions to get more value from social data.

Data Sheet: Voice of Customer & Customer Experience Management

This solution profile shows how you can improve and accelerate your Voice of Customer analytics and Customer Experience Management program with the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform.

Data Sheet: Salience

Salience is a set of on-premise software libraries that adds powerful, customizable text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) to your own enterprise analytics stack or data analytics product.

Data Sheet: Semantria

Semantria wraps the text analytics and natural language processing features of our Salience engine into a flexible, easy-to-deploy RESTful API with graphical configuration tools.

Data Sheet: Semantria for Excel

Semantria for Excel puts our text analytics and natural language processing into your Excel ribbon, for analytics and visualization of text data in a familiar environment.

Pharma Compendia Guidelines

Our Compendia and Guidelines Tool will analyze compendia over time and track changes that might affect an insurer’s comfort with a drug.

Pharma Med Info

Our MedInfo AI Product helps a medical information team answer the breadth of questions flowing in from medical professionals and the public. Additionally, it provides the auditing and communication functions necessary to meet the associated regulatory requirements.

Pharma Automated Content Review

Leverage the AI-driven Content Review (ACR) tool to empower content teams and allow them to review content faster with a higher degree of confidence and reduced risk.


White Papers

White Paper: Lexalytics Semi-Custom Applications

This paper explains how Lexalytics builds "semi-custom" applications to solve your hardest text data-related business problems, including when they're useful and our Proof of Concept approach.

White Paper: Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics

Learn how Lexalytics, a company with more than a decade of experience in the space, uses machine learning to solve tricky problems in natural language processing and text analytics.

Whitepaper: AI for Medical Affairs

An introduction to AI applications to Medical Affairs to improve efficiency, insights, and patient outcomes.

White Paper: Understanding Bias in Machine Learning

Learn about the sources of bias in machine learning and best practices for debiasing.

White Paper: Tune First, Then Train

We've developed a particular philosophy around how to customize a text analytics system to better fit your business. This white paper explains why you should "Tune First, Then Train".

White Paper: Theme Extraction and Context Analysis

This white paper explains how we break down sentences into n-grams and noun phrases and evaluate the themes and facets within to help you perform contextual analysis.

White Paper: AI For Regulatory Compliance: A Better Approach

Large-scale "AI for regulatory compliance" systems often fall short. Here's how Lexalytics creates time savings and cost reductions by building targeted, semi-custom applications.

White Paper: Answering the Build or Buy Question for NLP

"Build or Buy" for NLP and text analytics means choosing between building from open source, licensing a basic cloud API, or customizing an NLP platform. This paper explains that choice in depth, including what to expect if you choose to build, and how to choose the best text analytics and NLP provider.

White Paper: Sentiment Analysis Explained

Sentiment analysis is the process of determining whether a piece of writing is positive, negative or neutral. This paper dives deep into how it works, including the role of machine learning and AI.

White Paper: Categorization

Categorization of text documents means sorting them into groups. This paper explains how Lexalytics combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to automatically classify customer reviews, support tickets, or any other type of text document based on their contents.

White Paper: Entity Extraction

Who are they talking about? Learn how we extract people, places, dates, companies, products, jobs, and titles from text documents.

White Paper: How to Choose an AI Vendor: 4 Questions to Answer

With so much hype and so many options out there, how can you be sure you're choosing the right AI partner? Start by using these 4 questions to guide your search.

White Paper: Start from the Question – A Guide to Unstructured Text Analysis

Text is one of the most important modes of human communication. Seth Redmore explains how starting from the question, rather from data, helps you truly listen to your customers, partners, competitors, and employees.

White Paper: Cloud or On-Premise for Data Analytics? 4 Factors to Consider

78% of small businesses will be adapted to the cloud by 2020, according to Intuit. But larger firms are beginning to buck the trend. Here are the 4 factors you should consider as you choose between cloud or on-premise data analytics.

White Paper: Intentions

Some people call it "intention extraction," others call it "predictive analytics." In this white paper we review the science of knowing what a consumer will do next.

White Paper: Natural Language Processing

This white paper is a useful primer on the fundamentals and mechanisms of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

White Paper: Text Mining, What Is It Good For?

Five real-world examples of how data analysts, customer experience managers and marketing professionals are using text analytics to achieve their goals.

Post OCR Error Correction

OCR errors skew the text analytics used for making good decisions. Salience 7 gives you the ability to fix OCR errors after they are made but before doing any text analytics.


Blog Posts

Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Relief: A Primer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help to improve disaster relief programs by quickly processing large volumes of complex, fragmented data.

What is Tokenization in NLP?

Tokenization plays an important role in key text analytics features, like entity and theme extraction. Whether you’re building or buying, you’ve gotta know tokenization. In this two minute article, our Chief Scientist, Paul, lays out the fundamentals.

TODAY’S NEWS! Lexalytics Joins Forces with InMoment

Today I’m excited to share the news that Lexalytics has been acquired by InMoment, the leader in Experience Improvement (XI). If you haven’t already seen the press release it can be viewed here. For nearly […]

Six Lessons Learned From Running An AI Company During A Pandemic

While much of the tech world has come through Covid-19 relatively unscathed, some tech-focused industries have definitely felt the effects of the pandemic. As an AI and NLP software vendor with clients in myriad industries […]

When Is "Good" Good Enough for AI?

Popular media and hype cycles are leading us to expect radical changes and perfect results from artificial intelligence. But you don’t read perfectly, so why should your AI? In this blog, Tim Mohler explains when “good” is good enough for AI.

Bias in AI and Machine Learning: Sources and Solutions

Bias in AI causes machine learning-based systems to discriminate against particular groups. We investigated why AI bias occurs, and how to fight back.

Workin' On the Pharma

In the 21st century medicine is as much about text data analytics as it is about chemistry. If you can’t catch the wave your product might sink, or worse.

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