Global Leader in Food and Facilities Management Services Chooses Lexalytics to Analyze Thousands of Client Interviews to Improve Satisfaction and Retention

About the Food and Facilities Management Company

This leader in food and facilities management services helps millions of clients worldwide plan, operate, and service facilities in industries as varied as corporate, government, sports, and healthcare.


At the beginning of any new client engagement, the on-site food and facilities management services group interviews multiple executives within the client organization during the onboarding process and then again throughout the client lifecycle. These consultations help them understand their clients’ business goals and how they are performing against those goals. They conduct anywhere from 800-1,000 interviews per year, ranging from 30-40 pages each, and store them in PDF format.

Traditionally, they have employed a single business analyst to manually go through a small sample of interviews each year to find common themes, issues, and challenges that the company could focus on to improve client satisfaction and retention. As a result, they had thousands of interviews with unknown insights that they weren’t able to access because they didn’t have the resources to conduct the analysis.

“So far, we’ve been doing very little with the thousands of client interviews we have on file. In the past, we had an analyst reading those interviews and synthesizing them, which was a long and painstaking process that we wanted to make more efficient. After a review of the market, we realized that because of their NLP features set, language coverage, and data extraction capabilities, Lexalytics was the best fit for us to partner with.”


They realized that with AI-powered text analytics, they could unlock the hidden insights in their interview PDFs. After a thorough review of what was in the market, they chose Lexalytics over another well-known CX platform. Lexalytics provided all the essential functionality and language capabilities without upselling a bloated platform with extraneous features.

With an entire CX team in-house, they were primarily interested in the core NLP that Lexalytics provides with its Semantria API and Semantria Storage and Visualization dashboarding and tuning platform.

This, coupled with Lexalytics data parsing capabilities, enabled them to extract and structure the text from the original PDFs, making Lexalytics the clear choice.


With Lexalytics, they can analyze all of their backlog of nearly 5,000 interviews conducted with clients and combine the analyses with other internal data sources to get a 360° view of the client relationship.

“By combining insights we’ve gained from our client interviews with other internal data sources, we can paint a complete picture of our clients’ expectations, our strengths, and areas of opportunity for our target audiences.”

Business Benefits

NEW INSIGHTS gained from analyzing thousands of interviews with text analytics
INTERVIEW FEEDBACK INTEGRATED with other data sources to gain a 360° picture of the client
ACCESS TO ALL-NEEDED NLP CAPABILITIES without being forced into a feature-bloated platform upsell

Lexalytics Solution Products Used

• Semantria API
• Semantria Storage & Visualization
• Data Tuning & Parsing