Intention Extraction

Historically, text mining has been a very retroactive business: analyzing text to see what’s already been expressed in the past. Lexalytics’ latest technology sends this paradigm on a 180-degree course change; that’s right, we’re predicting the future.

Well, not quite predicting. But with intention extraction, we determine the expressed intent of customers and reviewers. Will a given person buy, quit, sell, or recommend your product?

don’t like it. It keeps crashing on me (I think it’s a hardware issue). I’ll be returning it tomorrow.

Your run-of-the-mill text analytics system will extract basic information, such as sentiment (negative) and the object (“laptop”), and classify the content into a category like “errors”.

Our supercharged text analytics takes the analysis one step further: we’re capable of revealing that the customer bought the laptop, but now intends to return or “quit” it.

Uh-oh, you just discovered that due to a crashing issue, you’re about to lose a customer. Better start resolving the problem! Better yet, dig into the root of the problem to prevent future issues cropping up.

With Lexalytics intentions, you’ll:

  • Improve lead flow
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Understand reviews better
  • Provide highly-targeted advertising to customers who are expressing an immediate need for your product
  • And much, much more.

Just like our other text analysis features, Intentions are fully customizable: we allow our users to configure existing intentions and define their own intention-laced keywords, specific to their market and business. Just tell us what verbs indicate intent for you (“desire”, “want”, “wish”, etc.) and we’ll pull out the intender and the intended for these new intent types.

Intentions are an indication of future behavior of a speaker. We have 4 intentions that come out of the box: buy, sell, quit, and recommend. Unlike other companies that provide intentions, we actually provide the tuple of intender, intention, and object of the intention.

Intentions extraction is just another reason Lexalytics text mining tools are the best in the business. Driven by the revolutionary Lexalytics Syntax Matrix, our rich mix of configurability and filtering provides high-quality results with all the information that’s necessary to determine exactly what a customer wants and what they intend to do.

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