Revinate Switches to Lexalytics to Turn Guest Data Into Revenue

Revinate Reinvents the Guest Experience Using Guest Data

COMPANY: Revinate
INDUSTRY: Hospitality and Hotel Management
MISSION: To help hotels and hospitality providers make the most of every guest

Revinate helps hospitality providers turn guest data into revenue by enhancing performance and scalability. More than 30,000 leading hotels around the world rely on Revinate to measure online presence, analyze consumer feedback and reinvent the guest experience to keep people coming back for more. Initially, Revinate used another text analytics provider to analyze the sentiment of surveys, reviews and social media. But Revinate’s meteoric growth demanded more customizability and scalability. Searching for alternatives, Revinate reached out to Lexalytics.

The support from the team at Lexalytics was

outstanding; they made a very complex project seem simple.

With their partnership, we met our goals on time, delivered the best

possible product, and we are now set up to ensure continued success.

–Matt Zarem, Senior Director of Product, Revinate

Revinate Switches to Lexalytics Semantra

Revinate needed to ensure a smooth switch over to Lexalytics on a tight deadline. Working with the Lexalytics Professional Services team, Revinate successfully and easily ported all of their customizations into Semantria:

Over 2,700 Categories
• 100 Topics for Restaurants
• 200 Topics for Hotels
• 9 Languages

Together, we helped Revinate achieve the transition within deadline and with little service disruption. Today, through Semantria, Revinate gives their customers the ability to measure consumer sentiment in key categories, such as rooms, staff, service, and food. Semantria’s customizability lets Revinate’s users create lists of custom topics, follow trending topics as they evolve, and compare sentiment scores across multiple organization-specific metrics.

About Lexalytics®

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