Fitness Lifestyle Company Turns to Lexalytics to Get the Most Out of NPS

Getting the Most Out of NPS Score for Scale and Efficiencies

This Fitness Lifestyle company has grown to become the leading active lifestyle brand and endurance event company with more than 2.5 million global participants. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an important measure of customer satisfaction for the company. But the volume of participants and the qualitative format of their post-event surveys makes it difficult to hear every participant’s feedback.

Manual Survey Coding

Lexalytics Reduces Manual Coding By 90%

Using Semantria for Excel, the Fitness and Lifestyle team reduced manual survey coding time by 90%. Working with Lexalytics staff, they designed custom queries to solve an industry-specific sentiment analysis problem. For example, the words “challenging” and “fear” need to be associated with positive sentiment in the context of thier events, where participants “overcome fear” and ” “conquer challenges.” In total, this company uses Lexalytics to process 2,000 surveys for each of the company’s 78 events per season, some 156,000 surveys total.

By teaming with Lexalytics, we are able to report Net Promoter Scores and review participant feedback within a week of every event. The company’s ability to make strategic adjustments based on customer insights is invaluable to providing the ultimate event experience.

Consumer Insights Analyst

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