Falcon.io + Semantria take Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

Unified Social Media Marketing and Customer Experience Management

Falcon.io offers a complete social media marketing and customer experience (CX) management solution for medium- to enterprise-sized companies. The Falcon platform helps marketers listen to the social web, proactively engage with audiences, publish social content, create automated ad campaigns, measure performance, and view audience data, all in one place.

INDUSTRY: Social Media Monitoring and Customer Experience Management
MISSION: Falcon.io helps social media marketers take social media marketing and customer experience to the next level
WEBSITE: www.falcon.io

“Lexalytics onboards people really well, so it was like gaining a partner rather than becoming a client.”

Dennis Green-Lieber, Head of R&D, Falcon.IO

2 Million+ Social Media Documents Processed Per Day Through Lexalytics

With more than 10,000 marketers processing millions of social comments through their platform every day, Falcon needed a sentiment analysis provider they could rely on. In the end, they chose Lexalytics as the best source of accurate, reliable analytics that can scale with them.

To help marketers understand the tone of conversations on social media, Falcon integrated Semantria into their listen and engage components. Through Semantria, Falcon’s clients can track how their brands are perceived, watch consumer sentiment changing over time, and prioritize customer complaints by sentiment to optimize response times and outcomes.