Unlock a new world of unstructured data analysis. A web-based business intelligence application that stores, analyzes, and realizes value from unstructured text documents. Uncover context-rich patterns and insights hidden within mountains of social comments, surveys, reviews, and other text documents. Find out who’s talking, what they’re talking about, how they feel, and why.
Uncover Key Insights

Qualitative Customer and Employee Feedback Deep Dive

Improve Customer Experiences

Activate Voice of Customer

Reduce Employee Turnover

Drive Employee Commitment

Market More Effectively

Understand Market Dynamics

Super-Charge Your Experience Program

Organizations get more value from their text data by using Spotlight to supercharge their Voice of Customer, Voice of Employee, and Social Listening programs.

Leverage Text Capabilities

Store and Manage Text Documents

Build and manage document collections from diverse sources inside one platform. Set up incoming data flows for automatic analysis. Assign roles and manage permissions for each user. Group related analyses to monitor trends over time, evaluate performance across locations, or compare different data sources for clearer insights

Fine-Grained Control

Quickly Build and Configure

See results right away as you jumpstart with our powerful out-of-the-box tuned industry packs. When you need to adjust for an even closer fit to your business, get in and build and tune analysis configurations with our intuitive graphical configuration tools. Define custom entities, create query topics, add blacklists, build category taxonomies, and more.

Multi-Faceted NLP

Enterprise-Grade Text Analysis

Leverage NLP to extract multi-layered sentiment scores, themes, entities, categories, topics, summaries, and intentions. See what people are talking about, how they feel, and why they feel that way.

Make Use of Key Insights

Build and Share Dashboards

Tell powerful stories of customer experience, public opinion, and employee engagement and commitment while helping product, support, and other teams improve customer experiences, reduce employee churn, and communicate more effectively.

Export dashboards to Microsoft PowerPoint, or download the data in .csv or .json format for direct upload into an organization’s business intelligence or data analytics infrastructure.




Machine Learning Models


Industry Packs

Languages We Serve

Spotlight is compatible with 29 languages and dialects, representing 67% of the world’s population across six continents.
Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Singlish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

16 Industry and Applications Packs

Our solution uses Spotlight pre-built configurations to deliver out-of-the-box improvements in sentiment accuracy, topic detection and entity recognition. Available for 16 industries and applications.

  • Hotels
  • E-Commerce
  • Airlines
  • Pharma
  • Restaurants – Fast Casual
  • Restaurants – Full Service
  • Voice of Employee
  • Automobiles
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Energy
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Health Insurance
  • Financial
  • Agricultural
  • Manufacturing

Popular Use Cases

Brand Monitoring – Gain a Competitive Advantage

Proactively analyze synthesized data from surveys, reviews, and social media data to gain intelligence about customers on an ongoing basis. Create lists of custom topics, follow trending topics as they evolve, and compare sentiment scores across multiple organization-specific metrics.

Product Development & Optimization – Pinpoint Product Opportunities and Risks

Analyze the pooled feedback sources from product support logs, social product feedback, customer survey content, and competitor product reviews to identify commonly requested feature requests, rarely mentioned features/capabilities, and common or recurring product quality issues.

Churn Reduction – Retain Valued Customers

Bring together and connect the unstructured data in solicited feedback, social media communication, call center transcripts, chat and service requests, and other touchpoints, analyze it with a combination of machine learning and industry knowledge-based models to determine the drivers of churn.

Regulatory Compliance – Lower Costs and Risks

Combine semi-structured data parsing, natural language processing, and machine learning to improve existing compliance processes. Scale compliance teams more easily, resulting in lower costs and reduced risk across the organization.

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