Tell powerful stories from complex text data

Uncover context-rich patterns and insights hidden within mountains of social comments, surveys, reviews, and any other text documents

See who’s talking, what they’re talking about, how they feel, and why

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The Lexalytics Intelligence Platform is right for you (and your text)
if any of the following apply:

  • You are processing high volumes of text data (30,000+ docs/month)
  • You need on-premise security, to run the system behind your firewall, or on your own private cloud
  • You want deep access to tune and configure your text analytics for results that truly differentiate your analysis

Modular business intelligence platform for text data

Feature-rich natural language processing and custom machine learning

Deployable in private, public, and hybrid clouds

The Lexalytics Intelligence Platform is a modular business intelligence solution focused on solving the specific challenges of text data. Data analytics companies and data analyst teams use our platform to gain the richest possible insights from complex text documents.

Data analytics companies

Integrate our text analytics APIs to add world-leading NLP into your product, platform or application.

  • Fully transparent text analytics technology with truly native language support in dozens of languages
  • Easy configuration and tuning
  • Fit to public cloud, private cloud/on premise, or hybrid infrastructure
  • Deploy custom machine learning models

Data analyst teams

Unlock the value of your text data with our platform. Make better decisions and recommendations.

  • Connect your data sources to our web analytics platform
  • Analyze social media comments, reviews, news articles, research papers, contracts, medical documents, patents, and any other unstructured text documents in many languages
  • Visualize the results through our customizable web dashboards, or export to your preferred business intelligence tool

Text Analytics - How it Works


First, we break apart sentences and phrases, using text deconstruction and natural language processing to evaluate semantics, syntax, and context.


Then, we use our natural language processing technology to perform sentiment analysis, categorization, named entity recognition, theme extraction, intention detection, and summarization.


Structured data and insights flow into our visualization dashboards or your preferred business intelligence tools to inform historical and predictive analytics.

Custom Data Analytics Solutions for Unique Text-Based Data Challenges

You look at the world from a unique perspective. The data you rely on is unique to your company. And you have unique questions you’d like to answer.

We will work with you to effectively address your particular data challenges by leveraging our 15 years of experience to build and tune a bespoke data analytics solution for you, based on our natural language processing technology and custom machine learning capabilities.