Semantria API

Lexalytics’ Text and Sentiment Analysis, in the cloud

We analyze hundreds of millions of documents in the cloud, everyday

Distributed, Scalable & Flexible

Semantria wraps the text analytics and natural language processing features of our Salience engine into a RESTful API with graphical configuration and user management tools. It can be deployed on premise, in public or private clouds, within hybrid cloud infrastructure, or all of them at the same time. Semantria securely and scalably fits your scenario, from desktop analytics to high-demand social platforms.

Highly tunable NLP with broad language support

Semantria is easy to tune, infinitely scalable, and highly adaptable. Offering more features than any other cloud API — and they’re all customizable:

Our Categorization and Named Entity Extraction tools are easily trained to match industry-specific vocabularies, and every aspect of our Sentiment Analysis system can be tweaked to match your specifications.

We also love end-users!

Unparalleled Data Analysis

Spotlight is a web-based business intelligence platform for storing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing text document collections. Explore the results through custom dashboards or export the data to another business intelligence tool.

For a more detailed look at our text analytics functions, read through our whitepapers or check out the Semantria API documentation for the really technical side of things.