A Portrait of the Election in Data

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Iowa and New Hampshire are the symbolic start to the most important contest in America. The Presidential Race is getting into full swing, and Lexalytics is watching. By looking at the election through unbiased data we hope to enrich the dialogue surrounding the most important event in our democracy.

Get off my lawn copy

Get Off My Lawn!

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For Lexalytics, 2016 is going to be Interesting. 2017 is going to be awesome. Here’s why.

introducing square 300

Semantria For Mac

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The world called, and Lexalytics answered: we’re very proud to introduce Semantria for Mac, which brings Semantria’s industry-leading, lightning-fast text analytics to our friends on the Apple side of things.

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Congratulations Falcon Social!

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Our friends at Falcon Social are now official Twitter Partners! Here’s the lowdown.

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Unicorns and You

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You guys wanted unicorns, so here’s unicorns. Come in and see the history of this majestic beast all the way through to its modern reinterpretation.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens, an Analysis

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What did audiences really think of the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise? Our data scientists set down their blasters and light sabers to find out.


Artificial Intelligence and Human Beings

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The narrative of artificial intelligence going awry is as old as, well, 1921 (see Čapek’s luminary play R.U.R.). And, as ever, it rages on amongst tech leaders and luddites alike. Seeing as A.I. is our bread and butter, we thought we’d weigh in on the true perils of this controversial technology, if there in fact are any.


Salience and You

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Imagine a customer leaves this comment for a hotel. “The hotel really messed up on this stay, they put me in a mediocre room and then charged me for someone else’s meal, but to their credit they picked up a couple rounds of drinks to make up for it and promised to do better next […]

Sheen Graphic (blog)

Sheen, Twitter & HIV―An Analysis

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Here’s what we found when we angled the lens of our sophisticated sentiment analysis engine, Salience, at the thousands of Tweerts surrounding Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement. The results will surprise you, as the surprised us. The project exposes key insights into mainstream culture’s twisted obsession with celebrity.

polish language support

Polish Language Support Now Available

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Lexalytics now supports 21 international languages, including French, German, and Mandarin. We now cover approximately 64 percent of the world’s population, or 4.9 billion people. With the addition of Polish alone, we’re able to provide actionable insight based on the conversations of 39 million Polish speakers worldwide.