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NLP in 5 Minutes

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Understanding the fundamentals of natural language processing (or NLP) is pivotal to understanding text analytics. In five minutes you’ll be up to speed on the basics of this important part of data science.


Text Analytics in 7 Minutes

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At Lexalytics, we believe that its important to have transparency on the inner workings of text analytics. This brief, step by step breakdown of the process will help you not just better understand how Lexalytics processes text, but will give you a solid understanding of text analytics as a whole.


Survey Analysis

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When you deploy text analytics in survey analysis you’ll find yourself asking questions you never would’ve thought to ask originally. Precise, granular analysis of qualitative surveys is the key to a richer relationship with your customer base and stronger business insights.

VOC analytics

The Voice of Your Customer

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The VOC is one of the best barometers when it comes to a business’ successes and shortcomings. But gaining actionable insights from dozens of noisy streams like Twitter, Facebook or qualitative surveys can be very tricky. But when it’s done right it will optimize every aspect of a company.


Tay, the Teen Chatbot and Redmore’s Razor

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Is Tay bot a racist android agent sent from our tech overlords to sow havoc and trigger a new world order? Erm, probably not. And here’s why.

Salience for Android

Salience for Android Free for Developers

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New product alert! This one’s for the developers. We’re very excited to announce the launch of Salience for Android, the first native text analytics package for a mobile operating system. With Salience for Android, application developers can add natural language processing (NLP) and analytics to any app that uses text — email, SMS and chat, reviews, […]

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Sales is Success, Part 2

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Supporting your customers is the best way to increase their success and reduce churn.

Meet Erica

Sales is Support: Meeting Our New CSM

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Bringing 8 years of experience in brand management and customer loyalty and retention, Erica is an exciting new addition to the Lexalytics team!

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Changes in the Space

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Farewell and good luck to a competitor. Back in the early 2000’s, there weren’t a lot of companies in the text analytics space, and we were all fairly specialized.  We had our sentiment engine, Basis had their languages, and Attensity had their “triples.” We have always all been aware of each other.   Text analytics is […]


A Portrait of the Election in Data

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Iowa and New Hampshire are the symbolic start to the most important contest in America. The Presidential Race is getting into full swing, and Lexalytics is watching. By looking at the election through unbiased data we hope to enrich the dialogue surrounding the most important event in our democracy.