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Ad Campaign or Artificial Intelligence?

  3 m

Often times business face the vital question of whether or not negative public attention should be addressed with an ad campaign. While this route can be expensive, it doesn’t always address the problem at hand. So, this brings us to the thesis of a series we’ll be calling Lexalytics Hypotheticals: Ads or AI?

9 ways AI isn’t going to be like Hollywood

  9 m

We see artificial intelligence all the time in film. From Hal 9000 to Wall-E—but even the most realistic characterizations miss the mark. In this article, AI expert Seth Redmore explores 9 ways movies’ miss the mark with artificial intelligence.

The First Meme War

  4 m

With the influx of fake news, tech companies are beginning to ponder their role in finding a solution. Is text analytics the answer?

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