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Emoji Speak Louder Than Words

  4 m

We’ve updated our lexicon to come into compliance with Emoji 11.0, the 2018 update from the Unicode Consortium. Our COO, Tim Mohler, discusses why this is important in today’s blog post.

Denver International Airport and the Illuminati

  3 m

Is Denver International Airport a haven for secret Illuminati ceremonies? You might think so by looking at an analysis of its Facebook page. In this latest installment of the airport analysis series, we look at how important it is for a text analytics solution to account for sarcasm and satire.

Tokenization in Two Minutes

  2 m

Tokenization plays an important role in key text analytics features, like entity and theme extraction. Whether you’re building or buying, you’ve gotta know tokenization. In this two minute article, our Chief Scientist, Paul, lays out the fundamentals.

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