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LAX and Mastering the Final Mile

Few acronyms generate as visceral a reaction as “LAX.” It seems everyone passing through these pearly gates and into the City of Angels has an opinion, and they’re not afraid to share it. Consider it […]

Research: Context

Our Chief Scientist, Paul Barba, introduces a paper from his fellow Lexalytics researchers. The subject matter details how machines might be taught to understand context within natural language.

Airport Series: SFO and Building a Better Delay

There’s no doubt that San Francisco International Airport is the gateway to the world’s tech capital. So it’s no surprise the airport likely employs text analytics to guide billion dollar terminal renovations and daily improvements alike. In this installment of the airport series, we see how SFO effectively listens to its customers.

Is AI Hype Dead? Exploring the State of AI in 2018

What’s up with AI hype these days? Top researchers are saying it could be decades before AI matches human intelligence. Yet venture capital companies are still investing billions into AI and machine learning companies. Are we in an AI bubble? Let’s explore.

Airport Series: McCarran and Las Vegas

When an airport company reviews social data they need to be able to find the signal in the noise. Airports and the cities they serve are often confusingly interchanged on social media. In this article, we use filters and a custom configuration to see exactly what people are saying about McCarran International Airport.

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