Our Hospitality & Restaurant Industry Packs Work for You

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Language is Context Specific

We see this all the time with industry lingo and jargon, the words and phrases we’re accustomed to bandying about in our respective professional fields may sound like a completely different language to an outsider. So it’s only natural that applying text and sentiment analysis to specific industries is going to require high levels of customization to get the best results.

Industry Packs Provide a Solution

But fiddling with customization takes time and expertise that could be better spent elsewhere. Text analytics solutions shouldn’t be work, they should work for you.

That’s why we’ve built the Hospitality Industry Pack and Restaurant Industry Pack. Our industry packs are specifically designed to optimize text, sentiment, and intention analysis for social media marketing and customer experience management in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

It’s All About the Intention

We’re the only analytics provider offering “complex intention analysis based on consumer feedback”. We can determine whether that customer intends to buy, sell, quit, or recommend a brand’s product and service. The Industry Packs provide crucial context – “return” has a different meaning in regards to a hotel, than it does to a product. “I will return there,” has a different intention than, “I’m returning this product,” and our Industry Packs are built to recognize this.

More and Better

Our Hospitality Pack includes over 120 different categories, and the Restaurant Pack 80 different categories, that have been tailored to the industry, providing better context and more accurate results. Our industry packs also deliver a significant increase in sentiment analysis agreement with humans.

Tailor Made

Our vertical-specific Industry Packs are here to work for you. They’re optimized to understand the language specific to your industry, and reduce the need for fiddling with all the fiddly bits. We tailored our Industry Packs so you can spend less time worrying about our text analytics solution and more time listening and responding to your customers.

The Lexalytics Hospitality and Restaurant Industry Packs are available today for Salience® as user directories configurable directly using a text editor or any system built for customers to configure and tune their own extractions and will be available on October 28, 2015, for Semantria® (and customizable with SWEB athttp://online.semantria.com).

For more, read our press release.

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