Our natural language processing tools and text analytics solutions are widely applicable. So widely, in fact, that there isn’t enough room on this page to list every way our customers currently utilize them. Here’s a few examples to whet your appetite:

customer experience management

Customer Experience Management (CXM)
reduce churn, increase sales

Analyze thousands of surveys, comments, and reviews in the time it takes to pour your morning coffee. Get back to your desk and know who and what customers are discussing, what they’re saying, and how they feel about those subjects. Understand customer pain points on an intimate level. Qualify their experiences, then use that information to:

  • Address problem areas in your buyer’s journey
  • Streamline support services
  • Identify opportunities for up-selling
  • Reduce customer churn, generate repeat business
voice of customer

Voice of Customer (VoC)
grow market share, build loyalty

Let your customers speak for themselves. Analyze thousands of social media comments, online reviews, and free-text survey responses in minutes. Hear what they’re saying in their own words. Understand exactly how customers feel, and why they feel that way. Leverage that information to:

  • Grow your market share and presence
  • Build customer loyalty and improve retention
  • Deliver innovative products in less time
  • Perfect your go-to-market strategy
social media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring (SMM)
grow brand awareness

Lexalytics powers 7 of the top 10 Social Media Monitoring solutions. Businesses around the world leverage our text solutions to paint a picture of how their brand is viewed. We give you the speed and power to process millions of tweets and comments in minutes. Use that ability to:

  • Monitor consumer sentiment in real-time and over time
  • Catch trending topics before they go viral
  • Identify problems before they blow up
  • Capitalize on hype cycles to grow brand awareness
voice of employee

Workforce Analytics & Voice of Employee
"crazy" good or bad?

If an employee calls their manager "crazy" in an anonymous survey, how do you know if they mean crazy good or crazy bad? And how long would it take you to read 10,000 surveys by hand? A Lexalytics text solution can show you in minutes how employees feel about their companies, managers, and work environments. Plus, we give you the context you need to understand exactly why they feel that way.

product management

Product Management
meet market needs

Do you create the products your customers want? Or do you build what you think they want? Chrysler spent over $1 billion on a product that customers didn’t really want. Don’t make the same mistake. Leverage a Lexalytics text solution to:

  • Hear what consumers really want, in their own words
  • Develop smart product strategies to meet those needs
  • Test launch strategies, get early feedback
  • Hit the right market, at the right time, with the right product
enterprise search

Enterprise Search
turn words into money

Your company runs on text data. Emails, scrum notes, internal documents, legal contracts... are you realizing their full potential? Integrate a Lexalytics text solution into your data warehouse. Quickly process, categorize, and index millions of text documents. Leverage our multi-layered text analytics to:

  • Summarize complicated legal documents
  • Trace root causes of product issues
  • Empower engineering teams with indexed technical resources
  • Improve customer support processes

Don’t see your application here? Not to worry. Our natural language processing tools are easy to customize to your unique data challenge. Why not contact us to talk about you?

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