Lexalytics’ text mining tools are the best in the business, providing reliable, accurate analysis of unstructured text through our on-premise Salience Engine and in-the-cloud Semantria API and Excel plugin offerings. When businesses integrate our text analysis software with predictive analytics techniques, they uncover a wealth of opportunities — improving their customer experience, discovering new market leads, predicting market trends, and more. Try it now

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Customer Experience Management

Every businessperson knows that in the end, you won’t be in business for long if your customers aren’t happy with your products and services. But in the modern age of Big Data — when thousands of consumer reviews and discussions flood the Internet every day — it’s impossible to keep up with customer opinion when working by hand. CEM professionals are forced to devote countless hours just sorting through Tweets, Facebook posts, TripAdvisor reviews, and other text documents — so why not automate the process?

With Lexalytics text mining tools, you’ll sort through and analyze thousands of text documents in the time it takes to pour your morning coffee. By the time you get back to your desk, you’ll know instantly who and what consumers are discussing, what they’re saying, and how they feel about those subjects.

What you do with that information will be up to you — but dozens of companies around the globe meet with enormous CEM success thanks to Lexalytics sentiment analysis software. We can’t wait to see what solutions you come up with.

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Customer Voice Monitoring

A popular method for hearing consumer voices is through customer satisfaction surveys, often delivered at moments of truth in a customer’s journey through your services. Close-ended survey questions are quick to analyze and easy to understand, but the good stuff is found in free-text customer responses. Traditionally, these sections have been tedious and difficult to mine for insight — but with Lexalytics text analytics software, natural language text is just as easy to understand as pre-written survey answers.

Lexalytics picks up on the people, places, companies, products, and other named entities found in consumer reviews, then determines the themes and topics being discussed to give you an idea of the context of these conversations. Then our powerful sentiment analysis software tells you exactly how consumers feel about the things they’re discussing.

With Lexalytics text mining tools, you’ll hear the customer’s voice from the customer’s own mouth in the customer’s own words. We’re just as fast, cost-effective, accurate, and reliable with free-text reviews as we are with survey responses — when you choose our software, you’ll be sure of getting rapid, useful information.

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Social Media Monitoring

The advent of social media revolutionized how brands interact with consumers, and it’s more important than ever that you understand your organization’s position in the social media space. Customer opinion is everything, and Lexalytics software is the best in the business for monitoring consumer trends, managing your messaging, and developing brand loyalty.

Our text mining tools automatically extract companies, brands, and other named entities, then show you the context in which they appear and the sentiment underlying those mentions. In mere minutes, you’ll process thousands of Tweets, online reviews, and other textual methods of consumer feedback to develop a comprehensive picture of how your brand is viewed.

Between our on-premise Salience Engine and in-the-cloud Semantria API/Excel software offerings, Lexalytics powers 7 of the top 10 Social Media Monitoring solutions in the world. With insights delivered through Lexalytics software, businesses around the world monitor their position in the social media space to dominate their markets.

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Market Research

Lexalytics offers fast, accurate, reliable software for analyzing enormous volumes of text. Through our on-premise Salience Engine and in-the-cloud Semantria API/Excel plugin offerings, businesses around the world streamline their market research through the power of modern text analytics software. Why devote countless man-hours to manually sorting and analyzing survey responses and online reviews when Lexalytics can do all that and more in the time it takes you to read this paragraph?

From consumer packaged goods to healthcare policy, from website analysis to customer satisfaction, from politics to media; industries of all sorts rely on Lexalytics text mining tools to improve their market research efficiency, reliability, and repeatability. Through our sophisticated methods of named entity extraction, context determination, and sentiment analysis, you’ll uncover subjects and trends you’d never have thought to look for by hand.

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Enterprise Search

Today’s huge volumes of unstructured content cause problems for lesser enterprise search systems. Synonyms, metaphors, emoticons and other idiosyncrasies of natural language content conspire to make finding information with search tougher — but not for Lexalytics. Our text analytics solutions are fully equipped to handle the vagaries that pepper natural language conversations, providing our users with accurate and reliable analysis of real consumer and employee conversations.

Our text mining tools are typically integrated into the content acquisition and indexing component of a search engine to mine out metadata and improve the quality and consistency of content before it is indexed. These systems allow users to browse their content, rather than just search it. With a text analytics and opinion mining solution integrated into search, you can ask more generalized questions like

Who's hot and who's not?
Is there any breaking news I need to know about?
without becoming overwhelmed by legions of unstructured information.

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Consulting firms in any industry can benefit from the integration of text mining into their organization. The sheer volumes of text involved in the 21st century consulting process can prove overwhelming to underprepared consulting agencies: so stay on top of your text loads with Lexalytics text analytics solutions. Our analytics functions — including entity extraction, context determination, sentiment analysis, and others — are guaranteed to paint you a better picture of how your clients are perceived by consumers around the globe. Our on-premise Salience Engine and in-the-cloud Semantria API/Excel offerings provide accurate, reliable, and fast analysis of enormous quantities of text: need to analyze a hundred thousand tweets? Grab a cup of coffee, they’ll be ready before you get back.

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Content Management Systems

Web Content Management Systems streamline the production and publishing of content to your webpage, but these systems often lack proper analytical methods for the content you and your users publish. Utilizing Lexalytics text mining tools to analyze your own webpages offers a number of benefits:

Text mining your own web content — whether it’s your own articles or customer-written reviews — offers a wealth of metadata for analysis. With Lexalytics text analytics software, businesses gain a better understanding of the people and topics of discussion on their webpages, and the tone of these conversations.

Text mining also results in better targeting for advertising to specific communities. Analyzing the trends and contexts of consumer discussion enables companies to develop a better understanding of the likes and dislikes of their current and potential customer bases.

Lastly, analyzing the user profiles of frequent visitors to your webpage unlocks a number of interesting applications — like better-targeted “recommended content” based on whether your reader is a granola-eating hipster who likes retro bicycles, or a steely-eyed banker who drives a Jaguar and wouldn’t be caught dead eating granola.

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Business Intelligence

An awareness of market trends and consumer opinion is vital in running a successful business in the modern economy. With the text analytics capabilities of our on-premise Salience Engine and in-the-cloud Semantria API/Excel plugin, business leaders across the globe turn raw textual data into competitive market opportunities and advantages.

Our text mining tools configure to your guidelines to offer four powerful lines of insight:

  • Named entity extraction to identify who and what is being talked about
  • Context determination to pull out the themes and topics of discussion
  • Sentiment analysis to offer a clear view of how people feel about their subjects
  • Queries to dig deep into problematic areas and find root causes in order to develop solutions

In addition, Lexalytics summarizes long documents and collections to provide an overview of the most important content, and can even determine the intention (buy, sell, quit, or recommend) of the speaker. We support more than 16 languages so that no matter their market and industry, businesses of all sizes can count on Lexalytics to analyze and predict market behavior, sift meaningful trends from enormous quantities of customer feedback, and identify new business opportunities.

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Predictive Analytics

As text mining and predictive analytics techniques grow up side-by-side, many of Lexalytics’ customers and partners are combining the two to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Methods to combine data mining and predictive analytics continue to develop as organizations look to invest in analytical technologies that accelerate decision-making and identify opportunities they can act on. With text discovery and sentiment analysis integrated with predictive analysis, organizations discover insights and customer intelligence previously unavailable to them.

Lexalytics’ text mining tools are the best in the business, providing reliable, accurate analysis of unstructured text through our on-premise Salience Engine and in-the-cloud Semantria API and Excel plugin offerings. When businesses integrate our text analysis software with predictive analytics techniques, they uncover a wealth of opportunities — improving their customer experience, discovering new market leads, predicting market trends, and more.

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