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Concept Topics in 3 minutes

Hi!  Concept Topics are our revolutionary way to create classifiers for what used to be hard-to-classify buckets.   Things like politics, food, real-estate, business.  Most of our customers need to do some sort of classification - bucketing responses on surveys, determining which area of business is being talked about in the press.

Datasift, Twitter, and "Privacy"

Datasift ( just announced a fancy new service.   They have worked out a deal with Twitter where they can provide 2+ years of historical tweets.

Machine Learning vs. Natural Language Processing, part 1

I'm going to write a few blog articles to show how machine learning and natural language processing techniques are used in partnership inside of Lexalytics software.

What is Machine Learning?

Tuning Sentiment: Three Two's.

In honor of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium this week in San Francisco (you are going to be there, right?), here's a summary of best practices for tuning sentiment.   These will work for any sentiment analysis system, but you should use ours.

Because it's the best, 'natch.

1) 2 datasets:  Gather a set of documents and split it in half. 

The simplicity of configuring a concept topic.

In about 6 minutes, I'll show you how easy it is to configure a concept topic that classifies documents by two different classifiers:

1) Is a country mentioned that is in the Middle East?
2) Are there weapons mentioned?  

(Watch in fullscreen unless you have bionic vision and can see what I'm typing in that tiny window below.)

Video Proof! (Concept topics example.)

I got kinda dissed in the comments for being too vague in my last blog post, with a demand for a video/demo.

We have heard and are responding!

We're working on more, but check out this quick demo of concept topics.

Check this out full-screen so you can see what I'm typing.

Salience Five Now Shipping!

Yes, yes, we've been very quiet.  That's because we've been working on really cool stuff, and now it's released to the marketplace.

Salience Five is our most important release since our last release!  :)

Seriously, though, we've introduced some groundbreaking new features to help you understand what's being said in all that text.

Computerworld: Sentiment Analysis Comes of Age

Quick quiz - how many of the companies in this article rely on Lexalytics for sentiment analysis technology? Computerworld: Sentiment Analysis Comes of Age Answer: 3/5 technology providers (including ourselves, duh), and 3/6 of the social media monitoring companies. Awesome-tastic.

MediaVantage launches significant enhancements to their online media monitoring application

Our buddies over at MediaVantage have just announced some significant improvements to their already really good service. Included with improvements to their content stream for social media (including both more stuff and better filtering) and an improved search interface; they've launched some stuff that's near and dear to my heart - automated tonality scoring.

Flash Mobs, Malls, and Social Media Monitoring.

I came across the following article today, our last day before the Christmas holiday break. If ever an article deserved a blog post, it's this one. Expert: Roseville Galleria paid no attention to social media for flash mob The article talks about a flash mob that occurred in a mall in Roseville, CA.