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Facebook Graph Search != Natural Language Search

Facebook’s new Graph Search feature has been a lightning rod for grand predictions since it was announced earlier this year. The new social search function has been described as everything from revolutionary to completely doomed. The truth, as in most cases, lies somewhere in the middle.

Lexalytics User Group 2013 Recap

Well, that time of the year has come and gone, and we're all better people for it.

The place:  New York City

The event:  The Lexalytics User Group, 2013

Viafoura, Semantria, Amazon, and Lexalytics Hack-A-Thon!

On Saturday April 27th, viafoura is hosting a hack-a-thon to see what interesting ideas developers, product designers, and data scientists can come up with when given large data sets.

"Is Social Media Worthy of Text Analytics": A Response

I happened upon (well, really, was fed via LinkedIn) a blog post by Tom Anderson over at OdinText.  I've seen some of his stuff before, and he seems like a reasonable gentleman.

I was kinda surprised by this post:  Is Social Media Worthy of Text Analytics, and thought it would be worth responding to.

Happy New Year - Some stats from Twitter + New Years Eve

Hello all and Happy New Year!

I snagged 412,700 tweets from Twitter from about 16 hours that went from 2300 UTC December 31 to 1500 UTC Jan 1.   This was 5% of the total tweets that went out with the phrase "new year".

Without further ado... The top 50 hashtags were as follows:

All Hail Datasift!

Takers of the 3rd round of funding!  Or 2nd, or fifth, but I'm guessing it's third.   Whatever round it is, congrats to Datasift for building a really great service.

Facebook IPO - a high level view of Twitter leading up to their big day...

I analyzed 98,000 tweets, roughly the past 5 days worth of traffic for anything mentioning facebook and (ipo OR stock).

The Avengers: Most Popular Superhero?

I ran some analysis on about 330,000 tweets having to do with people going to see/having seen The Avengers.   In case you've been completely deprived of any sort of media recently, it's a superhero movie.

Some might say "The Superhero Movie", but, not having seen it myself yet, I'm not in a position to judge.

Facets: Automatically Extracting Opinions from Reviews and Surveys

Facets are another unique feature of Lexalytics' Salience Engine.  They provide a quick and easy way to get to actionable information about opinions given in reviews and surveys.