Semantria & Lexalytics Give API Access for Viafoura Hackathon

Semantria, a leading text and sentiment analysis SaaS provider, and their partner company Lexalytics, pioneer in text analytics, are excited to offer participants unlimited access to their API for the Viafoura Hackathon in Toronto, Canada. The Viafoura Hackathon is part of Big Data Week, an international festival focusing on the social, political, technological and commercial impacts of Big Data.
“We’re very pleased to partner up with Semantria and Lexalytics on this Hackathon,” said Ali Ghafour, Viafoura Founder and CTO. “We’re excited to see what people will come up with by combining large datasets from media companies with high-end Natural Language Processing technology. Viafoura loves these types of challenges, and we are happy to have Semantria/Lexalytics and the Toronto development community join us.”
Semantria has built upon Lexalytics’ powerful text analytics engine to develop a software-as-a-service text and sentiment analysis API. Users of the API have full access to basic and advanced text analytics functionality, including keyword and theme extraction, Wikipedia-based content classification, named entity extraction, and sentiment analysis in 5 supported languages (English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese).
As a social media curator for digital media agencies, Viafoura helps major publishers to create online social communities. Semantria and Lexalytics are providing participants free and unlimited access to Semantria’s API for the Hackathon because of its unique application potential with Viafoura’s publisher data.
Semantria and Lexalytics are offering a prize for the most innovative application of its API with the Viafoura’s platform.
“This is exactly why we spun out Semantria, so that folks can get started easily with our technology, especially low to medium volume users in a SAAS environment,“ says Seth Redmore, VP Product Management at Lexalytics. “We salute the coders that are going to be working up a storm through the Semantria engine.”
To participate in the event, users can register at
About Semantria
Founded in 2011, is a software-as-a-service and services company with specialization in cloud-based text and sentiment analysis. Semantria is a joint venture, co-founded by the leading text analytics technology provider Lexalytics (Boston, MA), amongst other investors.
About Viafoura
Viafoura is the leading audience engagement and monetization platform for large media companies. Their software-as-a-service platform helps clients increase audience engagement, capture valuable user data and deliver smarter, data-driven monetization strategies. Viafoura’s growing client roster includes Hearst Media, France 24, Bell Media, Discovery Channel, Gatehouse Media, and other top-tier media brands. To learn more about Viafoura’s technology and how it can drive monetization for your company, visit