Lexalytics Announces Availability of Salience 5.1.1

Lexalytics is pleased to announce the release of Lexalytics Salience Engine version 5.1.1. While the version number may not mean a lot, the functionality certainly will. Lexalytics’ Salience Engine supports many different text analytics functions. These functions include named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, text categorization or classification, summarization, theme extraction and more. These functions help derive the meaning of the content that is being analyzed – the “who”, “what”, “where”, and “tone” of it.

Lexalytics is well known for their sentiment analysis functionality. Social media sentiment is arguably the hardest sentiment to get right, given the fact that most tweets are heavily stylized and usually not written in the Queen’s English. With 5.1.1, Lexalytics customers can correctly extract sentiment from composite words (like #ILoveLexalyticsSoftware), as well as assigning the correct sentiment to emoji (all the many different graphical emoticons that are now enabled by default on many mobile phone operating systems).

“Understanding sentiment is key to unlocking the power of social data to make smarter business decisions. It’s great to see Lexalytics continue their market leadership by providing creative tools for analyzing social content,” commented Rob Bailey, CEO of DataSift. “We’re particularly excited about the improvements to social sentiment and categorization.”

This improved understanding of emoji also positively affects document categorization, where Salience will understand the emoji icons that represent objects as well. For example, if someone uses the “pizza” emoji, Salience will correctly categorize that as “food”.

Building upon Lexalytics’ very successful Concept Matrix™, Salience now has built in support for automatic categorization of the most important concepts in Wikipedia™. Meaning, just like all of the other major functions in Salience, categorization now has an excellent “out of the box” mode. Lexalytics customers can still tune and tweak categorization to match their own taxonomies, but Salience now ships with a great place to start.

“We specialize in context and knowledge,” said Pascal Soucy, Product Manager at Coveo. “So we really like that Lexalytics is working on more and more ‘configuration-free’ access to document categorization and classification technology.”

Other functions and improvements in Salience 5.1.1:

  • A built-in HTML scraper, so that our customers don’t have to strip the HTML tags.
  • Enhancements to results for Facets and Attributes that makes the results even more useful for Voice of Customer applications.
  • An updated English Concept Matrix™ that takes into account all the new information in Wikipedia™ over the past year.
  • Overall sentiment improvements including custom scaling of emphatic and superlative statements.

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