Lexalytics Announces Portuguese Native Phrase-Based Sentiment

Lexalytics announces the release of the new phrase-based native Portuguese language pack for the text analysis engine Salience.
The nuances of sentiment are captured directly by avoiding translation in any of the Lexalytics language packs. Moreover, the “phrase-based” language packs provide complete tunability and customization for any application that involves text.
Salience Engine supports many different text analytics functions, including Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Categorization/Classification, Summarization and Theme Extraction among others. These functions help derive the meaning of the content that is being analyzed – the “who”, “what”, “where”, and “tone” of it.
Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO and Founder of Semantria, informs “Salience Engine is a market leading text analytics engine”. And he adds, “We use Salience as the engine behind our cloud based text analytics and sentiment analysis platform and we are extremely pleased by the quality of their language packs. For instance, the Portuguese language pack for Salience Engine allowed us to penetrate the Brazilian market and acquire several high profile customers in a matter of days”.