Lexalytics signs Conversition and mBLAST

Lexalytics, Inc. (https://www.lexalytics.com), a software and services company specializing in text and sentiment analysis, today announced it has completed deals with two companies delivering innovative solutions to help businesses manage reputation and measure sentiment: mBLAST and Conversition.

These firms will integrate the Lexalytics Salience engine to provide text and sentiment analysis capabilities to their respective solutions. In the age of the “voice of the customer” and social media, businesses can no longer rely on passive or reactive response to customer feedback. Lexalytics’ powerful sentiment software and text analytics solutions enable businesses to monitor and react in real-time, by making sense of the vast repositories of information from sources as diverse as Twitter, blogs, RSS feeds, web sites and in-house content.

By leveraging insight and measurement capabilities, businesses discover, react and respond to market opinions in real-time, allowing them to capitalize on market conditions and avoid potential reputation crisis situations. Lexalytics’ Salience engine serves as the backbone to many leading marketing, reputation management and social media monitoring solutions on the market. Considered leaders within their respective industries, mBLAST and Conversition will tap Salience to provide added capabilities and value to their client base.

“Sentiment analysis is no longer a luxury; it’s a business decision enabler that must be applied from the marketing department up to the CEO,” said Nick Patience, Managing Analyst and Research Director, Information Management at The 451 Group. “With that in mind, Lexalytics continues to provide technology that enables organizations to monitor and react to critical market data through its text and sentiment analysis software.”

“With the explosion of blogs, Twitter and social networks, the task of reputation management is more difficult than ever before, and if done carelessly, can cost your company its financial and market prowess,” said Jeff Catlin, Lexalytics CEO. “mBLAST and Conversition are at the forefront of providing solutions to help companies cope with constantly changing market conditions, and we are thrilled each of them has chosen Lexalytics as a key part of their respective offerings.”

For more information on mBLAST and Conversition, please visit their web sites at http://www.mblast.com and http://www.conversition.com, respectively.