Market Intelligence Tool Harnesses Text Analytics

Lexalytics, Inc. (, a software and services company specializing in text analytics and social media monitoring, announced today it has released Acquisition Engine 6.2. Widely utilized by marketing and PR professionals in gathering both online and in-house content for market intelligence analysis, the Acquisition Engine software solves a problem no search engine has been able to: make the data better than it was to begin with. The solution uses Lexalytics’ Salience Engine to enable users to search, find and extract relevant data and content from desktops, the Internet, corporate intranets and extranets. All important entities — people, companies and places, along with sentiment, tone, subject classifications and document summaries — are added to the original documents as enriched XML. This enriched content can then be fed to any search engine or database product to drive new ways to utilize the content. Acquisition Engine 6.2 is capable of gathering content from any of the commonly encountered content repositories with little or no configuration, including web sites, news feeds, RSS feeds and local file systems (Office, PDF, e-mail, etc.). The new version features two key enhancements to deliver more relevant, usable content from even more sources than ever. The Google™ News and Blogs query feature enables users to set-up e-mail alerts based on queries against Google News and Blogs content, or both. Alerts can be sent to any e-mail address the instant a category match has been processed. Also new for 6.2 is the HTML extraction capability, which removes all unnecessary content from a web page and ingests only the text from the page. The result is a clean, rich document that contains only the relevant information. “We heard from our customers that acquiring content from Google was a key feature needed to stay competitive with other alerting and data collection solutions. With Acquisition Engine 6.2, users can query Google for any information they deem important to their market intelligence analysis,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO for Lexalytics. “We also created an HTML extractor to help ease the pain associated with collecting and analyzing web pages typically filled with ads and non-essential information. This feature is crucial to the future of content extraction and sentiment analysis.”