Market Intelligence Co’s Use Lexalytics Sentiment Analysis

Lexalytics, Inc. (, a software and services company specializing in text analysis and social media monitoring (SMM), today announced two new customer initiatives that solidify Lexalytics’ position as the premiere text analytics vendor of-choice for innovators in the public relations/market intelligence industry. The momentum is fueled by increasing demand for sentiment analysis and entity extraction capabilities that help companies quickly discover, react and respond to market biases or opinions.

The first is a new project with Cymfony, a market influence analytics company that scans and interprets the millions of voices at the intersection of consumer-generated and traditional media to gain consumer insight and develop stronger bonds with influencers. The second is a license agreement with Vocus, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOCS), a leading provider of on-demand software for public relations management. Both companies will leverage Lexalytics’ Salience Engine technology to support text analytics in their respective platforms.

The agreements add to Lexalytics’ already robust portfolio of leading PR/marketing industry customers, which includes in-place agreements with BurrellesLuce, Maroon Ventures, Millward Brown Precis and Scout Labs.

“Cymfony and Vocus are true leaders in the areas of reputation management, brand analysis and PR management. These are companies that are moving the industry forward; Cymfony by offering insight and solutions that provide marketing and PR professionals the tools necessary to grasp the power of blogs and online media, and Vocus with its leading integrated PR management solution,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO for Lexalytics. “Lexalytics will continue to offer the reputation management industry the highest standards of text analytics solutions to help them locate the information online that their customers need to know.”

With the recent merger announcement with Infonic, Lexalytics continues to offer innovative and market-driving technologies that enable their partners to grow and expand their product platforms. Lexalytics’ upcoming fall release of Salience 4.0 will offer customers the best-of-breed solutions for entity extraction, sentiment analysis, theme extraction and document summarization. The company recently released Acquisition Engine 6.2 to meet the demands of clients looking to query Google for online content, as well as offer an HTML extraction capability to streamline and ingest clean HTML content from web pages.