New Software from Lexalytics® Helps Human Resources Departments Design More Effective Voice of the Employee Programs

Lexalytics®, the leader in cloud and on-premise text analytics solutions, today announced its HR Industry Pack, which uses text analytics to improve corporate human resources (HR) operations and voice of the employee (VOE) programs.

The HR Industry Pack uses Lexalytics’ machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to analyze company reviews, internal company emails, message boards, employee surveys and other workplace data. With the resulting insight into employee sentiment about the organization, management teams can design programs to improve retention, productivity and satisfaction.

“With a strong economy and tight job market, it’s more important than ever for companies to retain and attract top talent,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics. “The HR Industry Pack – our latest industry-specific text and sentiment analysis software – makes it easy for HR professionals to see what’s working and what isn’t within their organizations, and to use this insight to build effective employee-related programs.”

The HR Industry Pack includes 185 categories specific to employee content; around concepts like benefits, discrimination, ethics and managerial quality. These categories allow companies to reduce overall risk by catching problems as early as possible, and help them to keep the high performers happy.

The pack also includes more than 2,000 sentiment phrases drawn from genuine employee feedback, such as “toxic environment” and “treated equal*.” In a test of over 2,000 documents, the Lexalytics HR Industry Pack achieved 82 per cent overall agreement with human annotators, reaching the gold standard at which humans agree of ~80%.


The Lexalytics HR/Voice of Employee Industry Pack is now available for Lexalytics’ on-premise Salience® and SaaS Semantria® platforms. For more information, please visit, or contact