Lexalytics Announces Speakers for Upcoming User Conference

Lexalytics today announced an impressive roster of speakers for the upcoming Lexalytics User Conference, which will be held in Boston, Mass., June 3 – 5, 2012.

Experts, leaders and innovators from Cisco, DataSift, Northern Light, Oracle, Radian6, SmartBrief and TripAdvisor will share how they’re using Lexalytics technology to derive real business value from vast amounts of text data. In addition, analysts from Alta Plana, Hurwitz & Associates and IDC will discuss research and trends in Big Data and text analytics.

“More companies than ever are seeking to unlock business value from the array of text sources, and a good number of those on the cutting edge turn to Lexalytics for help,” said industry analyst Seth Grimes, president of Alta Plana Corporation, who will keynote day three of the conference. “I’ll be exploring today’s, and tomorrow’s, text analytics use cases in my Lexalytics User Group talk, and I’m looking forward to learning from participants how they’re applying the technology to mine online, social and enterprise conversations.”

“The amazing growth of social media is a blessing and a curse for companies today,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics. “It provides businesses with access to an unprecedented amount of useful information, but the sheer volume, speed and dynamic nature of the content being created today makes it extremely difficult to understand, make informed decisions and then act on that information in a timely and meaningful way. It’s a Big Data challenge that our text and sentiment analysis technology is already solving for many innovative companies and it is why demand for text analysis is on the rise.”