Angoss Software and Lexalytics Form Partnership

Toronto, Canada — Angoss Software Corporation (Angoss) (TSX-V: ANC) and Lexalytics, Inc. are pleased to announce a partnership that advances Angoss’ big data analytics capabilities and improves the accuracy of predictive analytics modeling by increasing the types and volume of data that can be analyzed to include unstructured, text-based data. These new capabilities are now available in Angoss’ Text Analytics for KnowledgeSTUDIO®—powered by Salience, Lexalytics’ text and sentiment analysis engine.

“Companies realize that the majority of their growing data assets are unstructured, and they want to analyze this text-based data along with their proprietary, structured data for competitive advantage,” remarked Martin Galligan, President and CEO of Angoss. “The opportunity to partner with Lexalytics, the market leader in text and sentiment analysis, enhances our customer’s predictive powers. KnowledgeSTUDIO customers as well as companies looking to compete with analytics, now have a complete solution to merge the output of text analysis with data mining and predictive analytics to address their top of mind challenges—to improve customer experience and reduce churn.”

Text analytics integration with KnowledgeSTUDIO can mine and analyze unstructured data such as social media (blogs, tweets, forum posts and newsfeeds), call center logs, emails and other forms of text-based communications. Text Analytics for KnowledgeSTUDIO allows you to perform text mining to extract themes and entities, and perform sentiment analysis. Moreover, you can merge this output of text analysis with your structured, proprietary data and perform data mining and predictive analytics with additional types and volumes of data for big data analytics. With more predictive variables and volumes of data, predictive models are made more accurate—improving your predictive and exploratory power for faster, better decision making.

This same powerful combination is available with KnowledgeCLOUD™, predictive analytics in the Cloud hosted solutions, for companies looking to experience rapid time to value and reduced IT investment—without the need for highly specialized data scientists and technology. Some companies who recognize the importance of being able to compete with analytics may not have the subject matter expertise or resources to do it themselves. Angoss’ deep analytics and domain expertise can help these companies take advantage of big data analytics for both structured and unstructured data analysis and predictive modeling.

“Social media analysis and Voice of the Customer (VOC) systems continue to drive the need for text analytics,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics, Inc. “Angoss seamlessly integrates text analytics with their proven data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for structured data. The Lexalytics engine provides entity extraction, theme discovery and sentiment analysis at the entity-level. This combined offering is made simple with menu-driven shortcuts, and its potential uses are compelling.”

Angoss will demonstrate the predictive analytics solution merging text and sentiment analysis at the Lexalytics Users Group in Boston on June 3 to 5, 2012.

About Angoss Software Corporation

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