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Keith Ho from Biogen
We've worked with Lexalytics for years on programs surrounding Voice of the Patient, Voice of the Key Opinion Leader (KoL) and social media monitoring... They've always been a key partner."
Keith Ho, Director of Customer Focus and Medical Digital
Ryan Arnold from Sage Therapeutics
Lexalytics helped us sift through thousands of comments from medical professionals, enabling us to glean valuable insights. With the Pharmaceutical Industry Pack, we’re able to find specific trends that we would otherwise have missed."
Ryan Arnold, VP of Medical Affairs, Sage Therapeutics
Sage Therapeutics


We work with some of the leading industry experts in Medical Affairs to bring a combination of AI expertise and pharmaceutical domain knowledge to empower Medical Affairs teams to tackle the ever-expanding sea of content they have to deal with.

North America

Colin Baughman

Colin Baughman

True North Solutions


Colin Baughman leads True North Solutions Inc., a Medical Affairs Analytics & AI consulting practice based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. True North has worked across more than 25 conditions and over 100 projects ranging from use of AI for Medical Information, deep learning for advisory board insights, neural networks in social media monitoring, claims-based patient landscaping & access models, Medical Education unmet need prediction, scientific congress analytics using NLP, chat bots, and other programs. In addition, the True North team has led development of several digital health partnerships (including study design) in areas such as voice biomarkers, keystroke signatures, and wearables for disease identification and recurrence in conjunction with technology partners including Apple, Google, and Palantir. Colin and team believe Medical Affairs value can be greatly enhanced with modernized approaches to analysis, prediction, and visualization.


Paul Riley

Paul Riley

Glasshouse Health


Paul Riley leads Glasshouse Health, a specialist Medical Affairs consulting practice based in Alderley Park, Macclesfield, UK. Paul has 20 years of experience in Medical Affairs, and has led teams in multiple therapy areas, developing scientific and clinical information, and communicating it to the medical community and other stakeholders. Recent projects have included strategy development, medical product planning, brand plan review, investigator initiated study management, real world data collation and publication, patient support programme development, patient advisory boards and digital health solution development. Glasshouse Health works with clients to deliver medical affairs excellence, supported by the right organisational capabilities, and underpinned by innovative digital technology. Every day, Paul and team help clients leverage science and data, deliver improvements in healthcare, and create significant commercial value.

Case Studies, Articles and Resources

  • Datasheet: Pharma Compendia Guidelines

    The Compendia and Guidelines Tool will analyze compendia over time and track changes that might affect an insurer’s comfort with a drug..

  • Datasheet: Pharma Automated Content Review

    Leverage the AI-driven Content Review (ACR) tool to empower content teams and allow them to review content faster with a higher degree of confidence and reduced risk.

  • Datasheet: Pharma Med Info

    The MedInfo AI Product helps a medical information team answer the breadth of questions flowing in from medical professionals and the public.

  • Whitepaper: AI for Medical Affairs

    An introduction to AI applications to Medical Affairs to improve efficiency, insights, and patient outcomes.

  • Case Study: Biogen: MedInfo Search

    The Medical Information Department at Biogen Japan, a major biotechnology company, uses a Lexalytics-built semi-custom application to empower their human contact center operators.

  • Applications & Use Cases

    Examples of how healthcare providers, drug makers and others are mining unstructured healthcare data to create value.

  • Case Study: AlternativesPharma: Improving Pharma Communications

    AlternativesPharma drew on Semantria's configuration tools to help pharmaceutical marketing teams improve their communications with categorization and market analytics.

  • AI in Healthcare: Data Privacy and Ethics Concerns

    Artificial intelligence has rendered HIPAA obsolete. As AI in healthcare becomes commonplace, data privacy, security and ethical issues are growing. We explored the uses of AI in healthcare, the ethical issues involved, and why experts are raising flags about healthcare data storage and data security practices.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Industry Pack

    Project jumpstart with our prebuilt industry pack for English with 2000+ phrases and 3800+ entities, including medications, symptoms, conditions, diseases, dosages, anatomical terms, health practitioner specialties, and ICD-10 codes mapped to normalized disease/condition names.