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The Era of Magic Machines

  2 m

Lexalytics Magic Machine Labs is force-multiplying AI technologies. After over a year of careful experimentation, we’re ready to change the way machine learning happens.

Pharma Just Got Smarter

  2 m

The pharmaceutical industry needs to be able to precisely mine millions of vital documents each day, so we built out a comprehensive new industry pack.

Semantria For Mac

  1 m

The world called, and Lexalytics answered: we’re very proud to introduce Semantria for Mac, which brings Semantria’s industry-leading, lightning-fast text analytics to our friends on the Apple side of things.

Salience 6.1 is Better than Ever

  2 m

Salience 6.1 is now better than ever. Check out this quick blog post to see a run down of some of the awesome new enhancements and bug fixes. This is one of our biggest updates recently, with seven new languages, five bug fixes, a faster startup speed and increased efficiency.

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