• Lexalytics' VP Product Management Dean Foulis

    Dean Foulis

    VP Product Management

  • Lexalytics' Cloud Architect Kevin Gallagher

    Kevin Gallagher

    Cloud Architect

  • Lexalytics' Senior Software Engineer Brian Pinette

    Brian Pinette

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Lexalytics' Linguist Jordan Galler

    Jordan Galler


  • Lexalytics' Java Developer Justin Porter

    Justin Porter

    Software Engineer

  • Lexalytics' Developer Kirill Popov

    Kirill Popov

    Web Developer

  • Lexalytics' Software Engineer Alex Chumachev

    Alex Chumachev

    Software Engineer

  • Lexalytics' QA/Support Engineer Ethan Thong

    Ethan Thong

    Senior QA & Support Engineer

  • Lexalytics' Support Engineer Emiliano Salazar

    Emiliano Salazar

    Support Engineer

  • Lexalytics' Support Engineer Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams

    Support Engineer

  • Lexalytics' Architect, Search Content and Acquisition

    Matt King

    Architect, Search Content and Acquisition

Revenue Operations

  • Lexalytics' Channel Sales Manager Tyler Miller

    Tyler Miller

    Channel Sales Manager

  • Lexalytics' Director of Customer Success Nancy Stavrianeas

    Nancy Stavrianeas

    Director of Customer Success

  • Lexalytics' Director of Marketing Operations, Andrea Kulkarni

    Andrea Kulkarni

    Director of Marketing

  • Lexalytics' Product Marketing Manager, Noah Blier

    Noah Blier

    Product Marketing Manager

  • Lexalytics' Manager of Growth, Charles LeGros

    Charles LeGros

    Manager, Growth


  • Lexalytics' Finance Jodi Roy

    Jodi Roy


  • Lexalytics' HR Administrator Jennifer Summers

    Jennifer Summers

    HR Administrator