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Semantria Web / Basics

Semantria Web (SWEB) allows you to tune NLP settings in your Semantria configurations.

  • Changes made in Semantria Web apply to both the Semantria API and Semantria for Excel.

When Semantria Web (SWEB) launches, it connects to the API and loads the content stored in the API into a searchable "cache". This cache acts as a staging area for you to modify the content processing rules. Because you are not directly editing the rules in the API, you need to "publish" rules to the API when you're done with your work. The cache is persistent so you won't lose your work if you signed out.

There are 2 ways to publish your content to the API:

  1. You can hit the "Go live!" button to promote your changes to the API right away
  2. You can "save" and "publish" later through the publication matrix (The blue Publish button up right) that will show you everything that has not been published yet.

Create a configuration


There are 2 ways to create configurations:

  1. Create from scratch: This will launch the configuration creation wizard which will guide you through the process of creating a new configuration optimized for a given language and type of content.
  2. Import a backup file: You can import backup files () into a new configuration.

Configuration options and settings


  • This clones the config into a new configuration
  • Backs-up the configuration on your computer
  • Manage which users can access the configuration
  • Processing options
  • ### The configuration ID your developers will need

Account options


  • STATUS: This gives you the operating status of the API and maintenance alerts
  • Manage Semantria Users: Create users and manage permissions
  • Your Semantria API Subscription: All the details about account settings and limits

The console


The console sits at the bottom of the screen and is your window into the API. It displays messages about the communications in between SWEB and the API. It displays very useful information when troubleshooting an issue.

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