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Semantria for Excel / Videos

Start at the Quickstart page to run your first analysis and then see the tutorials below for more details.

Semantria for Excel 5.0 - Text to Analysis in 60 Seconds

This overview demonstrates text analytics of a hotel reviews spreadsheet in 60 seconds. Note that the ribbon and dialogs have been updated in Semantria for Excel 5.3.

Semantria for Excel 5.3 - What's New for Existing Users

Demo of the new ribbon buttons and 3 new reports

Boolean Query Logic

This tutorial will go over the Boolean operators that are used to build queries in Semantria for Excel.

Industry Packs - How to Use

This video explains Lexalytics Industry Packs and how to use them in Semantria.

Nested Queries

This tutorial will show you how to create a nested query in Semantria for Excel.


This tutorial video will show you how to create a new configuration in Semantria for Excel. It will also show you how to customize the settings for a configuration.


This tutorial will show you how to use Excel's VLOOKUP function in Semantria for Excel. It allows you to pull data from the original worksheet and add it to the Semantria output.

Semantria For Excel - Semantria and Tableau

This tutorial shows you how to use the Semantria for Excel output in Tableau.

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