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Start analyzing content

Show panel button

Ok, you installed Semantria for Excel, what's next? Load some content in Excel (usually one document per row), click on the Lexalytics tab (top right), click the Show Panel top-left) and create a new analysis by clicking Start and running the New Analysis wizard.

For a more detailed explanation of each step, watch our video tutorial on sentiment analysis.

You can also grab our sample data sets: Bellagio Reviews, Trip Advisor

Customize Semantria reports

Output settings

Want to change the color coding in Semantria reports? This is where it happens.

Tweak Semantria API


Semantria is highly configurable. You can tweak all aspects of our Text Analytics engine to better fit your data sets, giving you more accurate results.

Monitor API usage

Application settings

You can see your transactions per configurations at different intervals by logging into your account dashboard.

Clone configurations and settings


Want to test different API settings? How about creating a configuration set for a different project? You can always create a new configuration from scratch, but sometimes it's easier to start from an existing one. This is what the clone button is for: it copies all configuration settings and rules into a new one.

Still stuck with something?

For more help, watch our video tutorials.

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