Semantria Storage and Visualization

A web platform for storing, managing and analyzing unstructured text documents

  • Store and manage unstructured text documents
  • Analyze with natural language processing and custom machine learning
  • Build and customize rich analytics dashboards
Lexalytics is the only vendor we’ve seen that can offer the flexibility required to support our complex product line.
Csaba Dancshazy, Senior Market Research Manager, Microsoft
Lexalytics keeps moving and improving their product, dovetailing with our own volume of 10-20 launches of code every week, helping us maintain our competitive advantage.
John De Oliveira, VP Product, Trendkite
Sample visualization showing uploaded data collections

Store, filter, access

Upload and process text documents through an intuitive data wizard. Sort and filter by name, creation date, document count, and more. Search for terms within your collections to find just what you’re looking for. Go from document upload to text analysis in seconds.


Search social media, blogs, online reviews, news sites and message boards in real time from inside your web client. See volume by provider, and filter by language or timeframe. Download as a .csv or JSON file or push directly into a new document collection to start analyzing.

Sample visualization showing social search
Sample visualization showing volume vs sentiment over time for the topic of wayfinding


Leverage natural language processing and custom machine learning models to understand the topics, categories, themes, named entities, and intentions expressed in your documents. We automatically assign sentiment scores to almost everything, so you immediately understand how people feel and why.

Ask specific questions

Ask and answer complex questions through sentiment-tagged charts, graphs and word clouds. Dive into individual data points and monitor trends over time. Export dashboards and distribute internally to drive better decision-making across the enterprise.

Sample dashboard visualization showing wine charts