Lexalytics Joins InMoment | Accelerating Global Delivery of Structured and Unstructured Text

Semantria Storage and Visualization

A platform for storing, managing and analyzing unstructured text documents

Uncover context-rich patterns and insights hidden within mountains of social comments, surveys, reviews, and any other text documents

See who’s talking, what they’re talking about, how they feel, and why

Lexalytics is the only vendor we’ve seen that can offer the flexibility required to support our complex product line.
Csaba Dancshazy, Senior Market Research Manager, Microsoft
Great support, good product, and great people to work with
Mudaser Yaqoob, Customer Success Manager, Resonate Solutions
Resonate Solutions
Sample visualization showing uploaded data collections

Store and manage text documents

Connect your databases, warehouses data feeds to upload, manage and process text documents from diverse sources inside one platform. Sort and filter by name, creation date, document count, and more. Search for terms within your collections to find just what you’re looking for. Run analyses with existing configurations, plug in our pre-built industry packs, or use our simple configuration tools to tune for your industry’s unique words and phrases.

Analyze with natural language processing

Transform your unstructured text into structured data with our feature-rich natural language processing. We extract the most data points of any text analytics provider: topics, categories, themes, named entities, summaries and intentions. Then we assign multi-layered sentiment scores to everything. You see what people are talking about, how they feel, and why they feel that way.

Sample visualization showing volume vs sentiment over time for the topic of wayfinding
Sample dashboard visualization showing wine charts

Build dashboards and make reports

Build and customize intuitive analytics dashboards to reveal trends and patterns in what people are talking about and how they feel. Then drill down to explore the drivers behind those conversations and opinions. Tell powerful stories that help engineering, marketing, PR, and support teams understand your customers, employees, and markets. Improve collaboration and make better-informed recommendations and decisions.

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