Semantria for Excel

Tunable text and sentiment analysis processing in Excel for data analysis professionals

semantria for excel text and sentiment analysis tool

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Version 4.10 for Microsoft Windows™. View the release notes

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis identifies the positive, negative or neutral tones embedded in your content to better understand your market position. By attaching sentiment scores to each theme, entity, and category, our sentiment analysis tools uncover how people feel about your brand, products, and services, and why they feel that way.

Excel text analytics shows the positive, negative and neutral sentiment around identified entities.


It's easy to perform text analysis in Excel as Semantria for Excel provides fast and accurate categorization of your input content. With just a quick glance, you'll know the subjects of discussion — whether that's general topics like “politics” or “banking”, search queries searching for specific items, or your own machine-learning based classification.

Easy Customization

Every feature in Semantria for Excel is customizable: categorization, context determination, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis all respond to user feedback and tweaking. We even include a “short-form content” mode, specifically optimized for social media and other small sentences (like Twitter content).

An example of customizing user categories in Semantria for Excel
Excel text analytics for multiple languages

Multilingual for All Industries

Semantria for Excel is uniquely applicable to all industries around the globe. We support 22 languages, including English, Italian, Japanese, and German. No matter your industry and your demographics, you'll benefit from applying Lexalytics text mining tools.

Entity Extraction

Automatically extract people, places, companies, brands, @mentions, #hashtags, job titles from your content to see who's hot and who's not. You can create custom entities as well, tailored to your specific market or interests. Each extracted entity comes with a sentiment score to provide deeper insight into the tone of discussion. Tuning is a snap – just tell us who you want us to track, we'll also automatically show you what we discover so that you can tell when a company or person has made a move, even when you didn't know to look for it.

An example of entitities extracted from reviews
Sample visualization showing a pie chart of user queries results


Use the Excel visualization tools you're already familiar with to create rich charts and graphs: all of our results are displayed in simple visual terms, while retaining the deep insights Lexalytics is known for. If you're using a BI tool like Tableau™ or Qlik™ - then it's super easy to import the results of the text analysis in Excel into the tool you're using and look at it alongside all your structured data analysis. Want to know why that store isn't performing well? Now you can actually analyze the conversations alongside the numbers.

Pretty amazing. Once I had my data in Excel, I could run queries and had results back in seconds. What is particularly convenient for me is that the analytics are produced directly within Excel.
Dr. Andrew Lumpe, Seattle Pacific University's School of Education

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