AlternativesPharma Improved Communications with Lexalytics Natural Language Data

Extracting Insights From Natural Language Data

Pharmaceutical marketing teams face countless challenges in growing market share, demonstrating product value, increasing patient adherence. and improving buy-in from healthcare professionals. AlternativesPharma helped those professionals provide useful market insights and effective recommendations.

AlternativesPharma’s customers expected relevant insights and appropriately in-depth analyses. But pharmaceutical market data is both overwhelming in scope and difficult to decipher. This is particularly true of textual data, such as customer review and social media comments. AlternativesPharma needed a robust, scalable analytics solution that leveraged Natural Language Data to streamline their time-consuming categorization and market analytics processes.

Thousands of Data Points; 2,000+ Custom Analysis Queries

Using the Semantria API, AlternativesPharma built 2000+ Boolean queries and a comprehensive taxonomy to perform a progressive analysis across tens of thousands of data points. AlternativesPharma then used Semantria’s out-of-the-box functionality to categorize the data into themes and sentiments, creating “thematic maps.” This output led to research publications at the 2015 Nephrology Professional Congress and in the Journal Néphrologie et Thérapeutiques. Further, AlternativesPharma helped customers verify assumptions made by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) regarding the psychology of patients with schizophrenia. This theory was then documented in collateral and widely communicated to physicians.

“We needed to go beyond simple
‘e-reputation’ and develop our recommendations from
an in-depth analysis of the messages. That’s where
Lexalytics and Semantria came in. Our customers are
implementing an evidence based patient-centric strategy.
They have altered and crafted their communications with
healthcare providers, patients and authorities as a result of
the recommendations.”

Thierry Baroghel
Managing Partner, AlternativesPharma

INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutical

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