Lexalytics Joins InMoment | Accelerating Global Delivery of Structured and Unstructured Text

Lexalytics Intelligence Platform

Transform complex text documents into data, insights and value.

Modular business intelligence solution for analyzing text documents.

API access for technology companies and end-to-end solutions for data analysts.

Gain deeper insights, more understanding and greater value from your data.

  • Modular business intelligence solution for analyzing text documents.
  • API access for technology companies and end-to-end solutions for data analysts
  • Gain deeper insights, more understanding and greater value from your data.
Keith Ho from Biogen
We’ve worked with Lexalytics for years on programs surrounding Voice of the Patient, Voice of the Key Opinion Leader (KoL) and social media monitoring... They’ve always been a key partner.
Keith Ho, Director of Customer Focus and Medical Digital
Csaba Dancshazy from Microsoft
Lexalytics is the only vendor we've seen that can offer the right combination of power, flexibility, and reliability we need to support our complex product line.
Csaba Dancshazy, Senior Manager, Microsoft Marketing

Platform Overview

A modular business intelligence solution for text data. Mix and match on premise or cloud NLP analytics with data storage, visualization and user management tools. Integrate into your product or analytics stack or combine the complete platform.

Accepts various types of incoming text content such as:CONTENTSocial MediaOnline ReviewsSupport Tickets • SurveysRegulatory DocumentsMedical Documents • Chat LogsNews Articles • Analyst ReportsContracts • Transcripts Process with Salience On PremiseSALIENCEOn PremiseNLP Process with Semantria Cloud NLPSEMANTRIACloud NLP Upload, process, store, and visualize with Semantria Storage and VisualizationSSVStorage &Visualization Voice of Employee: Increase workforce productivity. Lower employee turnover. Recruit more effectively. VOICE OFEMPLOYEEIncrease workforce productivityLower employee turnoverRecruit more effectively Regulatory Compliance: Empower key compliance projects. Reduce risk across the organization. Scale compliance teams more easily.REGULATORYCOMPLIANCEEmpower key compliance projectsReduce risk across the organizationScale compliance teams more easily Process Automation: Automate tedious, repetitive tasks. Accelerate back-end data processing. Streamline operations, reduce costs.PROCESSAUTOMATIONAutomate tedious, repetitive tasksAccelerate back-end data processingStreamline operations, reduce costs Social Media Listening: Measure opinions and conversations. Identify crises before they go viral. Build a better communications strategy.SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENINGMeasure opinions and conversationsIdentify crises before they go viralBuild a better communications strategy Voice of Customer: Improve experiences and NPS. Raise customer lifecycle value. Reduce customer churnVOICE OF CUSTOMERImprove experiences and NPS Raise customer lifecycle valueReduce customer churn


Our core text analytics and natural language processing software libraries at your command. Suitable for data scientists and architects who want complete access to the underlying technology or who need on-premise deployment for security or privacy reasons. Read more >>

Semantria API

The capabilities of Salience wrapped into a RESTful API with graphical configuration and user management tools. Integrate into your cloud-based enterprise data analytics infrastructure or deliver powerful text analytics to your own customers. Read more >>

Semantria Storage & Visualization

A complete business intelligence tool for enterprise data analysts. Collect and manage text documents, analyze them with Semantria, build visualization dashboards and then share your insights across departments. Read more >>

Semi-Custom Applications

When you have a unique text data-related business problem to solve, Lexalytics is here. We’ll customize the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform with features and tech suited to solving your exact text data-related business problems. Read more >>

A Complete Software Toolkit for Analyzing Text Documents

Natural Language Processing

The most feature-complete NLP feature stack on the market, 15 years in development and constantly being improved with new libraries, configurations and models.

Semi-Structured Data Parsing

A powerful tool for extracting and analyzing text from legal, medical, financial and other “semi-structured” documents while understanding the structure and relationships of each element. Read More (PDF)

Machine Learning

Hundreds of machine learning models already deployed to improve our core text analytics, and custom-trained machine learning "micromodels" to tackle unique challenges in your data when needed.Read More (PDF)

Platform Features

deployment models


Define custom entities, create new query topics, build category taxonomies and more through our intuitive graphical configuration tools.

deployment models


Deploy our text analytics and NLP systems across any combination of on-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud infrastructure.


Speed & Scalability

Our systems can analyze 200 tweets or more every second while effortlessly scaling from a single processor core up to an entire data center.

Industry Packs

Pre-built industry configurations for out-of-the-box improvements in sentiment accuracy, topic detection, categorization and more.



Lexalytics supports 24 languages and dialects representing 67% of the world’s population spread across 6 continents.


Upload processed data into other business intelligence tools to seamlessly integrate our NLP into your enterprise analytics infrastructure.

Support and Services

Full support from our team of NLP experts including 5 or more days of implementation and onboarding services.

We have more than a decade of experience helping our customers get the most out of their solutions through bespoke services including tuning, training, machine learning model-building and configuration.

Dennis Green-Lieber from Falcon IO
Lexalytics onboards people really well, so it was like gaining a partner rather than becoming a client.
Dennis Green-Lieber, Head of R&D
Falcon IO
Matt Zarem from REvinate
The support from the team at Lexalytics was outstanding; they made a very complex project seem simple. With their partnership, we met our goals on time, delivered the best possible product, and were set up to ensure continued success.
Matt Zarem, Senior Director of Product