Lexalytics’ Salience 4.1 with Entity Management Toolkit

Lexalytics, Inc. (https://www.lexalytics.com), a software and services company specializing in text and sentiment analysis, announced today it has released Salience 4.1. This latest version of the popular Salience Engine includes a powerful Entity Management Toolkit used to build and train entity recognizers by understanding the user’s data.

This feature will reduce the amount of money spent preparing content for applications, and will give the users more control over how their applications are presented. Currently, Salience technology is widely used professionals in the marketing, public relations, enterprise search and financial services industries to manage brand reputation and improve the business value of information. Salience 4.1 will solve entity extraction problems for companies that process specialized content.

The Entity Management Toolkit easily allows users to mark up documents specifying entities that are important to them, and the system will then make suggestions on other entities. Once enough documents have been marked up to build a model the system is ready to process the entire corpus of data. The user doesn’t need to write a single line of code for this process to work. ”

With the release of Salience 4.1 and the Entity Management Toolkit, we have improved the way companies create their own intellectual property,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics. “Until now, users have had to rely on the vendors to provide recognizers, but the vendors are not the content and domain experts. The key to this release is in empowering content owners to expose the value of their own content, particularly in market and industry segments.” Salience 4.1 also includes separation of user customizations from default data files for easier management, and performance improvements to document processing time.