MediaVantage & Lexalytics Offer Multi-Lang Sentiment Analysis

North American organizations can now keep track of online news, blogs and social media in multiple languages using MediaVantage, the premiere web-based application for media intelligence and public relations management. MediaVantage now offers automated sentiment analysis of Internet news and social media mentions in French as well as English. This useful feature is powered by Lexalytics, a leader in sentiment analysis. To view the Social Media Release: “The French speaking community is an important audience for most Canadian organizations and interlisted U.S. companies,” said Nicole Guillot, Vice President, Operations and Product Management, CNW Group. “This new feature enables our clients to understand how the market is responding to their brand online and in social media, even if they don’t speak French themselves.” MediaVantage partnered with Lexalytics to power automated sentiment analysis in 2010. For more than seven years, Lexalytic’s core technology, Salience, has been helping businesses with text analysis and sentiment and has become a trusted resource in the text analytics industry. “Lexalytics has worked very hard to provide native French support in our core sentiment analysis engine. We’re very pleased to work with MediaVantage as our first partner to roll out multilingual sentiment analysis,” said Jeff Caitlin, CEO, Lexalytics, Inc. “Since the MediaVantage platform works across all media types, adding multi-language support will allow for an even broader view of sentiment in the marketplace.” Automated tonality scoring allows MediaVantage users to understand overall coverage and tone over time, without manually reviewing and scoring each clip. Also known as sentiment analysis, tonality scoring is the process of automatic extraction of the sentiment, or tone, from a series of documents. The result for public relations and communications professionals is fast, reliable, robust analysis of media monitoring mentions and clips. MediaVantage is a secure web application that delivers real-time media monitoring and provides the tools and intelligence you need to paint a complete picture of your PR success. The powerful MediaVantage search engine pulls traditional media coverage and social media mentions relevant to your work into a single database, so you can extract valuable information about your coverage with speed and ease. About MediaVantage MediaVantage is the most complete media intelligence and communications management solution available for PR professionals, allowing you to monitor, align and measure your communications efforts efficiently and in real time. dna13, the technology powerhouse behind MediaVantage, was acquired by CNW Group in April 2010. About CNW Group CNW is Canada’s news management company, connecting organizations to relevant news audiences. CNW provides integrated, intelligent communications and disclosure services that help clients work more efficiently and meet their objectives. In addition to newswire distribution, CNW offers webcast, video, photography, social media releases, translation, regulatory filing services and MediaVantage, a web-based media monitoring application, communications and workflow solutions and campaign measurement capability. CNW has been an industry leader since 1960.