Lexalytics Unveils The “ExecDex” Who’s Hot Ranking System

Lexalytics, Inc. (https://www.lexalytics.com), a software and services company specializing in text analysis and social media monitoring (SMM), today unveiled its ExecDex (http://execdex.lexalytics.com/) business leader ranking index. ExecDex is a powerful resource for those looking to track today’s top business leaders, including the themes and sentiment associated with each. In today’s economic climate, this information can prove invaluable to investors and board members, investor and public relations teams, as well as anyone tasked with monitoring key indicators and trends.
Drawing from public information from around the web, ExecDex clearly demonstrates how savvy businesses can employ text analytics for reputation management and sentiment analysis, and gain invaluable actionable feedback to support business decisions. Specifically, ExecDex reveals online sentiment for the top 100 business executives from the Fortune 500; with plans to expand coverage to the full Fortune 500. With ExecDex, users can see at-a-glance how a particular executive is faring and what driving trends and economic realities might impact their financial standing.
“Text analytics is invaluable to anyone facing profound information overload. Instead of pouring through reams of online information, users can leverage text analytics to monitor and proactively adjust to the latest conditions ‘on the ground,'” said Jeff Catlin, CEO for Lexalytics. “In the case of ExecDex, any business leader or professional concerned about public and market perceptions can easily see where their executive ranks. Not only that, but information on themes and other entities linked to that executive are shown at-a-glance, providing much deeper understanding and awareness of the issues shaping that perception.”
ExecDex leverages the query capabilities of Lexalytics’ recent Acquisition Engine 6.2 release, which is capable of gathering content from any of the commonly encountered content repositories with little or no configuration, including web sites, news feeds, RSS feeds, including content from Google™ News and Blogs. The unstructured content is then analyzed using Salience 4.0 to determine an executive’s rank, which is based on a combination of volume (number of stories mentioning the executive) and mentions (number of times the executive is mentioned in a story) and because Lexalytics’ technology is capable of analyzing sentiment at the entity level, the ExecDex rank also considers positive, negative or neutral tone as part of the overall rank.
ExecDex was created to serve as a powerful demonstration of the real value of Lexalytics’ text analytics technology, and to provide insight into how reputation management and SMM are impacting business value.