Lexalytics, Inc. Joins Endeca Extend Partner Program

Lexalytics, Inc. (https://www.lexalytics.com) today announced that it has joined the Endeca Extend partner program to help customers quickly and easily integrate text and sentiment analysis directly into the Endeca Information Access Platform. Leveraging the extensibility of the McKinley Platform, and specifically Endeca’s Content Acquisition System (CAS), Lexalytics can build integrations to a public application-programming interface (API) supported by Endeca. In addition to a lower cost of ownership, through the innovative Endeca Extend program, Lexalytics now offers customers quick and easy integration of Endeca records for the unrestricted exploration of unstructured content. By providing an integrated search and navigation experience that combines Lexalytics Salience with Endeca, joint customers can offer the context necessary for informed critical business decisions.
“Endeca and our business partners solve specific high-ROI business problems with lower cost-of-ownership, faster time-to-results, and greater value than any alternative,” said Jason Purcell, senior vice president of marketing and product management, Endeca. “Through our partnership with Lexalytics our customers can seamlessly integrate our complementary technologies to help customers make better choices online and employees make better daily decisions.”
To maintain a competitive edge, organizations are enhancing search technologies with text analytics. The merging of the two disciplines helps solve a core business challenge left unaddressed by search alone: gaining the right insight into the right problem, without already knowing what the solution is. The potent combination of search and text analytics helps users inject interactive guidance into every aspect of their experience.
Through the Endeca Extend program, Endeca and Lexalytics allow customers to use extracted meta-data to provide new facets for Guided Navigation, cluster related topics, offer landing pages, and improve search relevancy. Endeca customers can easily run their data through an Endeca Extend partner solution, extract additional meta-data elements from the text, and append that meta-data to the original content. This lowers the integration costs and adds significant structure to the content to enhance the overall user experience. The pre-built integrations allow joint customers the ability to implement best-of-breed technologies without sacrificing ease of integration.
“Utilizing both enterprise information and online editorial content via search can no longer occur in an ad hoc manner. The proliferation of information available today now requires better management and analysis of content, which enterprises are using to glean valuable insight,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics. “Partnerships, like the Endeca Extend Partner Program, offer enterprises the seamless integration and analysis of text analytics and search needed to make informed, critical business decisions. Helping companies manage and retrieve valuable insight from the data is our main focus, and we are pleased to be a crucial part of Endeca’s program.”