Lexalytics® Adds Polish Language Support

Lexalytics®, the leader in cloud and on-prem text analytics solutions, announced today that it has added Polish to its extensive list of languages it can analyze natively, giving brands better, more accurate insights into what their global customers are saying and thinking. Lexalytics now supports 21 international languages, accounting for approximately 64 percent of the world’s population.

Text analytics is critical for brands to make profitable business decisions quickly and get a clear understanding of what customers are saying through the vast amounts of places they’re talking — like Twitter and Facebook, customer satisfaction surveys, blogs, the news media, customer service calls and more. The ability for multinational brands and companies located in a particular region to perform text analytics in the native language, as opposed to translating it into English and then conducting the analysis, is critical to ensure the highest rates of accuracy. Slang, profanity, localisms — they all lose their meaning when translated into another language, and these are so

“Sprinklr is purpose-built to help brands put the customer experience at the center of the enterprise, and we’re currently serving over 1,000 brands across 77 countries to achieve that end,” said Murali Swaminathan, EVP of Client Success and Engineering at Sprinklr. “Lexalytics’ text analytics platform enables us to better serve global enterprises and understand the voice and sentiment of their customers. The addition of native Polish language support is a clear indicator of their commitment to delivering a global, enterprise-level text analytics platform.”me of the most important sentiment-bearing phrases. “Lexalytics has led the industry in providing the broadest support for native language text analytics capabilities because we understand that the Internet encompasses the world. Native-language text analytics accuracy is a critical component of customer experience management (CEM), Business Intelligence (BI), and social media marketing (SMM) for gaining actionable insights,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics. “Poland is an important market for our partners and customers and we’re excited to help them grow their businesses in that market with this new

capability. We’re adding over 38 million native speakers to our many billions that we already support.”

Polish language support will be available on December 3, 2015 in both the Semantria® SaaS platform and Salience on-premise text mining systems.