Lexalytics Adds to Text Analytics, Includes Intention Analysis

Lexalytics, Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of Salience 6, the newest version of its Text Analytics engine. Salience™ 6 comes loaded with new features like extracting intentions; the ability to use tagged content sets to train your own classification models, and a new underlying technology called the Syntax Matrix™. Salience 6 is available now for our on-premise customers, and the new features will be available in our Semantria® SaaS text mining system on December 16th.

Salience 6’s coolest feature by far is intention analysis, which reveals a customer’s intent to buy, sell, recommend, or quit. How it works: intention analysis extracts the “intent,” the “intendee” and the “intended object” from text. For example, if a tweet reads, “Huge sale at the computer store. I’m getting a new phone for sure!” The intent would be “buy”, the intendee would be “I”, and the intended object would be the “new phone”. The Lexalytics approach differs from other approaches to intentions, as Salience tells you everything you need so that you can act immediately to sell more or prevent customer churn.