Lexalytics Announces Salience 5.0

Lexalytics, Inc., a leading provider of text and sentiment analysis software, today announced a major upgrade to its Salience product at the company’s annual Users Group event.

“This release represents a quantum leap in the underlying technology for text analytics,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics, Inc.

Built around Lexalytics new patent pending technology “Concept Matrices”™, the Salience 5.0 release brings a whole new set of semantic features to the table. “With this upgrade we’re allowing our customers to understand the meanings hidden within their content,” continued Catlin.

Salience 5.0 will be available in late summer 2011, and will enter a limited Beta in the early summer.

Lexalytics has created the “Concept Matrix”™ by digesting the entire human generated encyclopedia, Wikipedia® (a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation), which has enabled it to understand the complex relationships between words and meaning.

For example, the “Concept Matrix”™ allows Lexalytics to collapse phrases like: “9-iron,” “golf club” and “Driver” into the common concept of “golf club.” Furthermore, the concept of golf club is implicitly related to concepts like “recreation” and “outdoors,” allowing for comparisons at many different levels of meaning.

Building upon this new paradigm Lexalytics is introducing a number of powerful features, including:

  • Facets: Extracts important subjects and their pertinent attributes.
  • Collections: Will utilize the metadata across many documents to produce enhanced results.
  • Conceptual Topics: The ability to define a classification subject with only a few simple concept keywords. Food for example could be defined as nothing more than (Food, Restaurant and Dining). This definition would sweep in content about gourmet pizza, or “a cool new bar.”
  • Improved sentiment scoring via the understanding of subjective vs. objective phrasing.