Lexalytics Adds Danish, Norwegian and Swedish

Lexalytics, the leader in cloud and on-prem text and sentiment analytics solutions, announced today that it has expanded its breadth of language capabilities to include three of the Nordic languages: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. With this addition, Lexalytics now supports 19 international languages. Adding these languages increases the number of native speakers Lexalytics covers by approximately 19 million to bring coverage to over 63 percent of all of the native speakers in the world.

Providing text and sentiment analysis technologies with Nordic language support is critical for global brands, as well as companies based in the region that need to gain insights from what their customers are saying and writing. Without native language support, these companies first have to translate content, and then run the translated content through their analytics system. This is not only time consuming, but results in a lower quality analysis of the data because of a lack of nuance.

“Some of Lexalytics’ biggest partners and customers have a large consumer base to tap into in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, so it’s important that they have access to a text and sentiment analytics platform that can analyze their content natively and understand how consumers are responding to their products and services,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics. “One of Lexalytics’ key differentiators is the large number of languages it supports, and the addition of these languages to its product suite means Lexalytics’ current and future partners and customers can now access over 19 million more consumers right in their own language.”

Lexalytics’ partner, Copenhagen-based Falcon Social, is a leading enterprise social media management platform with more than 400 enterprise customers and depends on Lexalytics to analyze millions of documents to help understand their customers’ customers’ opinions, sentiments, attitudes and emotions.

“At Falcon Social, we’re very excited to be the first vendor in Scandinavia that can offer sentiment analysis technology for the Nordic languages,” said Andrew Dahl, vice president of Product Development, Falcon Social. “We’ve been leading the SaaS space in Scandinavia through our work with some of the world’s most influential enterprises, and we know that a detailed understanding of local markets is a huge priority for these global brands. Sentiment support for the Nordics is a groundbreaking addition to our platform, and we’re thrilled that Lexalytics is continuing to expand its native language technology. ”

Nordic language support is available in July in the Semantria® SaaS text analytics service.