Lexalytics® Announces “Get Out of the Cloud” Campaign for Seamless Transfer of Natural Language Processing from Cloud to On-Premise

Lexalytics®, the leader in “words-first” machine learning and artificial intelligence, announced today the “Get Out of the Cloud” campaign, encouraging existing and prospective customers to seamlessly transfer their existing public-cloud Semantria implementation to its Salience on-premise offering, or from competing cloud APIs to the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform (Salience or Semantria). Participating customers will receive free migration and tuning services.

While the overall market for public cloud services continues to expand, Lexalytics’ on-premise Salience deployments are growing at twice the rate of its public cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, a marked contrast from previous years. As a company’s use of AI-based natural language processing (NLP), text and sentiment analysis grows and document volumes increase, moving to an on-premise solution becomes an excellent way to cut costs and gain control over the software, from low-level syntactic analysis to high-level contextual extraction.

“Lexalytics has a number of customers who process millions of documents monthly through our Semantria cloud API, and for the majority of those customers the public cloud is a great fit,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics. “However, as customers begin processing beyond that threshold, it often makes sense to move to an on-premise or private-cloud solution for reasons including cost, security, performance and customizability. Lexalytics is the only company in this space to offer an affordable on-premise option.”

One new Lexalytics customer that has made the move to on-premise text analytics is AskMary Technology AS, which is developing a real-time sentiment analysis platform called Instapoll in cooperation with Norway’s TV2, the country’s largest commercial television broadcaster. According to their CTO, Nils-Helge Garli Hegvik, “Lexalytics’ on-premise Salience Engine allows us to offer low-latency, predictably priced analytics.”

Ideal customers to “Get Out of the Cloud” and switch to Lexalytics’ on-premise Salience offering include:

  • companies in heavily-regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services;
  • companies where data security is the primary consideration, or where some content is too sensitive to process through third-party servers and must be handled in a customer’s own data center;
  • companies that need to process greater than 10 million documents per month;
  • companies that are sensitive to latency; cloud is approximately 200 milliseconds, whereas on-premise is approximately 5-10 milliseconds;
  • companies that need ultimate customizability of the NLP feature set.

Ideal customers for Lexalytics’ cloud API Semantria offering include:

  • companies new to text analytics and NLP;
  • teams of enterprise users looking to gain quick insights;
  • companies processing highly-fluctuating volumes of data, making it hard to provision the right amount of hardware;
  • companies handling lower volumes of text;
  • companies whose business model mandates Public APIs.


Lexalytics’ “Get Out of the Cloud” campaign is running now through September 30, 2018. To find out if you qualify, please contact sales at sales@lexalytics.com. For more information, visit: http://groovy.lexalytics.com/cloud-vs-on-prem .