DataSift Taps Lexalytics to Help “Tune Your Data”

Aimed at corralling the vast amount of information on Twitter, new content creation system DataSift lets developers, businesses and individuals filter real-time data in a variety of different ways. DataSift brings together live-streamed content from a range of different sources alongside a variety of data analytics services, including the Lexalytics Salience engine, to provide the ultimate in filtering for real-time streams. Lexalytics ( is a software and services company specializing in text and sentiment analysis. “The DataSift vision of providing sentiment analysis across multiple data platforms is made possible with Lexalytics Salience Engine,” said Nick Halstead, CEO and Founder, Favorit LTD, which owns Tweetmeme and DataSift. Lexalytics provides the ability to automatically extract companies, people or product names, without having a list of them ahead of time; the ability to calculate tweet, entity, and “linked-content” sentiment; output lists of positive/negative entities; and more. DataSift gives developers the ability to leverage cloud computing to build very precise streams of data from the millions and millions of real-time data sent every day. Sample data streams might include:

  • Movies getting positive reviews
  • Coffee shops within 10 miles that are receiving negative reviews
  • People mentioned in positive tweets about the U.S. Government

People can tune real-time data curation through a graphical interface or a bespoke programming language. They can comment upon and rank streams created by the community, and even extend one or more existing streams to create super streams. “An important part of the metrics we provide through DataSift is the sentiment, or tonality, of the data. We needed an engine that could integrate quickly into our environment and start immediately providing accurate sentiment analysis across all of our data services,” says Halstead. “Lexalytics Salience gives us a great combination of flexible integration, high performance, and accurate sentiment analysis.” “Sentiment analysis is our forte so we were confident that Salience could tackle the super-sophisticated challenge Nick envisioned,” said Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin. “In a matter literally of a few days of integration work, they had the power of Salience available for filtering the entire Twitter firehose.” Lexalytics’ out-of-the-box, business-critical text analytics and sentiment solutions allow companies to monitor and react in real-time by making sense of the vast repositories of information from sources as diverse as Twitter, blogs, RSS feeds, web sites and in-house content. Lexalytics solutions include entity extraction, theme discovery, and sentiment analysis at the entity-level. Lexalytics’ Salience processes any sort of English language text, and has been integrated into systems for business intelligence, reputation management, automated trading, customer satisfaction, and more. Lexalytics Salience Engine is processing over 9 terabytes of content each day in a single 8-core server for DataSift. To find out more about DataSift please go to Visit for more information on Salience.