Bright Chooses Lexalytics’ AI-Based NLP Engine to Power Its Immersive Learning Platform

  • The power of an AI-based NLP engine combined with human expertise to dramatically accelerate learning and prove the ROI of training investments
  • Fills the market gap for developing a new generation of highly-skilled employees

Amherst, MA, March 24, 2022 — Lexalytics®, an InMoment® company and pioneer in AI-based NLP technology, announced today an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership with Bright, an immersive learning and simulation company. Bright will integrate Lexalytics’ Semantria® API within Bright’s practice and coaching-based training platform as part of its continued efforts to reimagine the corporate learning function. 

With millions of employees leaving their jobs in the past year in what is being called the “Great Resignation,” the combined Bright and Lexalytics solution will help companies identify the training and coaching employees require to gain a sense of purpose and value. Bright’s approach to learning – now powered by Lexalytics – also gives companies the ability to drive two times faster employee ramp-up time, and reduce training costs by more than 25 percent.

“Our next-generation, AI-powered NLP engine is about providing our partners the power of AI as a way to unearth hidden intelligence within their platforms,”says Jeff Catlin, Head of Lexalytics. “We’re looking forward to working with Bright to extend the power of automated AI within the immersive learning market.”

“Bright’s approach to immersive learning has been helping customers answer the L+D question leaders care about most:  Are my people ready? The Lexalytics partnership helps us do that in an even more powerful, scalable way in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to do this on our own,” says Rob Wright, CEO, Bright. “While most training companies are using AI to decide what classes learners should take next, we’re pushing the technology much further. This partnership delivers the corporate learning world’s first fully customizable AI-powered simulation + coaching engine. The results will be fewer classes and quizzes, more life-like practice, and an increased ability to prove that investments in training are actually paying off. ” 

This partnership delivers a great sense of purpose for both companies and what can be achieved together as they move forward to shaping the future of learning through immersive learning, coaching, real-life practice, leveraging a human-led and AI-powered solution.

About Bright Software, Inc.

Bright is a global learning technology platform that uses simulations, practice, and personalized coaching to build skilled, experienced, and fulfilled contact center teams. We specialize in contact center training simulations that build soft skills – such as empathy, de-escalation, and problem solving. Our platform also enables customers to build a software training environment using simple drag-and-drop tools that require no help from IT, helping agents develop CRM proficiency faster. Our customers have achieved reduced training costs between 25-50% compared to traditional training methods, while growing employee productivity 20% or more, and providing a rich, new data set to prove the ROI and impact of learning. For more information, please visit

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Lexalytics processes billions of words every day, globally, for data analytics companies and enterprise data analyst teams that need to tell powerful stories from text data. The company’s Salience®, Semantria® and Lexalytics Intelligence Platform™ products combine natural language processing with artificial intelligence to transform text in all its forms into usable data. Lexalytics solutions can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or within hybrid cloud infrastructure to reveal context-rich patterns and insights for voice of customer, voice of employee, customer experience management, market research, social listening, news monitoring and other business intelligence programs. For more information, please visit, email sales(at)lexalytics(dot)com or call 1-617-249-1049. Follow Lexalytics on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.