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Salience 5.2 Walkthrough: Categorization

  3 m

Salience has three methods of categorizing text: query topics, concept topics, and document categories. I’ll be going through all three using a New York Times article called “China Says Former Security Chief Is Under Investigation“. Query […]

Classification: Queries vs. Models

  5 m

Classification is a few value proposition for text analytics – it allows users to quickly drill into articles of interest and look at trends over time. Setting up a classification scheme can be a lot […]

An Ode to Electronic Music

  3 m

I was classically trained in piano from about the age of five until I left for college – and pretty much hated every minute of it.  If I wanted to hear the Moonlight Sonata, which […]

Smartbrief uses Classification

  1 m

Here’s the fourth video taken from our LUG conference.Smartbrief is one of the first adopters of our Concept Topics wikipedia-based classification technology. In this presentation, Zack Mully discusses how concept topics help them sift through […]

Discovering relevant concepts in hotel reviews

  3 m

In an earlier post, Jeff Catlin described analysis that we did around Bally’s vs. Bellagio using publicly available customer reviews. We did this analysis using something called “categories”, which is basically a fancy name for […]

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