Lexalytics’ natural language processing makes it easy to create a tailored solution to solve your unique data challenge. Here’s just a small sample of industries we’re creating value for:


reinvent the guest experience

One experience can mean the difference between lost business, and a customer for life. Use Lexalytics natural language solutions to hear your customer’s experiences in their own words. Analyze thousands of tweets, comments, online reviews, and free-text surveys in minutes. Identify recurring themes and topics (rooms, staff, service, food, etc.). Drill down to pinpoint specific problem areas at individual locations. Create superior guest experiences, and keep them coming back for more.

e-commerce and retail

Retail & E-Commerce
more sales, better products

Listen to consumer discussions on social media, online review sites, and your own shop. Hear what they like and what they don’t like. Understand why they feel that way, and the context they’re speaking in. Use that information to create superior customer experiences, increase sales and repeat business, and build better products.

In action:
  • Analyze thousands of social comments, customer surveys, and online reviews
  • Ask and answer vital questions, such as:
    • providing appropriate care? What are they doing right or wrong?
    • Is one store doing better or worse than others? Why?
    • Why are top products selling so well? What’s wrong with the poor sellers?
    • How can I differentiate my products from my competitors?
  • Make informed decisions to increase sales and drive repeat business
financial services

Financial Services
dominate your market

We understand financial language. Analyze consumer discussions, financial news, and professional data sources. Identify new market opportunities, areas for product improvement, and recurring service issues. Watch market reactions to mergers and acquisitions in real-time. Make informed predictions and decisions. Tailor your communications to capitalize on competitor weaknesses. Gain competitive advantage, create happy customers, dominate financial markets.

In action:
  • Hear consumers talk about mortgages, student loans, banking services, and other topics
  • Compare the language people use to discuss your brand, versus your competitors
  • Analyze news articles and blogs for trending topics
  • Watch public reactions to mergers and acquisitions in real-time
  • Monitor news about markets and exchanges, make informed predictions and decisions

Restaurants/Food Services
bon appetit!

If a customer at your restaurant has a bad experience, you’re in trouble. At best, they just won’t come back. At worst, they’ll post a negative review online that could scare away other customers. Be proactive with your customer service. Analyze social media comments, online reviews, and customer surveys. Fix issues before they go viral, identify new market opportunities, and create better menu offerings.

In action:
  • Analyze social media comments, online reviews, and customer surveys
  • Ask and answer important questions:
    • What dishes are customers talking about?
    • Which menu items are liked or disliked? Why?
    • How is the service experience at each location? Where can we improve?
    • What kind of promotions should I offer? When?
  • Make informed decisions, increase sales, drive repeat business
market research

Market Research
turn free text into money

Do you throw away free-text survey responses? Maybe you analyze them by hand? Stop wasting money! Use our survey analysis tools to analyze thousands of surveys in seconds. Discover recurring topics and themes, understand how people feel, and see the language they use to describe their subjects. Deliver the kind of rich, multi-layered insights your clients dream about.

In action:
  • Process thousands of free-text survey responses and comments in the time it takes you to read this sentence
  • Discover recurring topics and themes, understand how people feel, and see the language they use to talk about their subjects
  • Uncover complex relationships, context, and connections
  • Deliver rich context and insights
marketing and advertising

Marketing & Advertising
smarter text, smarter marketing

Smart marketing means listening. Analyze social media, customer data, and news articles to gain deep demographic insights. Identify trending news topics and capitalize on hype cycles. Generate personalized content and ads. Deliver the right content to the right personas. Grow brand awareness, increase inbound conversions, maximize your ROI.

In action:
  • Analyze social comments, customer data, and news articles
  • Gain deep demographic insights, create informed personas
  • Identify trending news topics, capitalize on hype cycles
  • Generate personalized content and ads
  • Deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right personas
pharmaceuticals and biotech

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Healthcare
cure your data headache

The language of pharmaceuticals, biotech, and healthcare is full of unique terms and phrases. Our text solutions are uniquely capable of processing millions of patient comments, clinician surveys, research papers, and clinical trial notes. We help you turn those words into money. Leverage our text solutions to:

  • Manage key opinion leaders
  • Demonstrate real-world value
  • Accelerate research and discovery
  • Increase clinical trial efficiency
  • Improve communications, nail go-to-market strategy
airlines and airports

Airlines & Airports
fly above the rest

Despite major improvements, the airline industry remains in the bottom-third of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2017 Travel Report. Lexalytics can help. Our natural language machine learning delivers the rich insights that airlines, airports, and their marketing teams rely on to make informed decisions and improve customer experiences. Analyze social comments, news articles, customer service calls, surveys and more. See where people are talking about airline and airport brands, services, and products. Quickly identify what is working and what is not, and take action on those findings.

Don’t see your industry here? Not to worry. It’s probably because our writer had to go home to feed his dog. Fact is, our machine learning toolkits make for easy tailoring to your unique data challenge. Why not contact us to talk about you?

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