The World’s First On-Premise SaaS Text Analytics System

For years, analysts and software architects working with data analytics tools have had to choose between on-premise security or ease of use. Until now. We’ve containerized our Semantria text analytics API so you can deploy it wherever you want and scale it as needed.

The World’s First On-Premise SaaS Text Analytics System

Welcome to Semantria-on-Premise.

With this new deployment model, we eliminate the need to build and maintain a complex text processing infrastructure on your own. Semantria includes all the core functionality of our Salience text analytics engine in an easy-to-use package. This includes everything from language detection to queuing, load-balancing to processing, and more. And you can deploy this functionality wherever you need, however you need.

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Whether it’s a desktop, a private server, a public cloud instance, or any combination of the above, Semantria is there for you and your project.

Semantria is the first commercially-available, complete text analytics API that can be used across any deployment model. In fact, the only other company that offers anything close to this level of flexibility is IBM. 

The Convenience and Flexibility of a SaaS Platform, in an Environment You Can Control

Maybe you need a workgroup system for a small group of analysts. Perhaps you need a public cloud instance to process millions of documents for minimal cost. Or maybe your data is highly sensitive and needs to be heavily protected under government regulation.

Whatever the case, Semantria can be tailored to meet your needs:

You can integrate Semantria as an OEM software library to add natural language processing capabilities to your own product or application.

You can use Semantria as a flexible RESTful API to your own product/app, or push the results of your analyses directly into your preferred BI tool.

Or you can combine Semantria with our Spotlight as an end-to-end business intelligence platform that’s uniquely suited for text data.

Why have we built these these new deployment options? As Jeff Catlin puts it: “We’re seeing a lot of demand from analytics teams within enterprises for a full text analytics stack, not only in the public cloud, but also in on-prem and hybrid environments.

In short: We’ve heard from a lot of people who want the convenience of a SaaS platform, but in an environment they control. So, here we are.

But which deployment model is best for you?

5 Elements to Balance for Your Analytics Deployment

For a successful implementation, balance these five factors:

Performance. Peak and steady performance are vital considerations. Building a system with capacity to handle your peak at all times typically doesn’t make sense from a cost and efficiency perspective.

Scalability. For many data analytics projects, the ability to scale is key. Semantria can be set up to run on a single processor, scaled across an entire datacenter. You can also process in private and public clouds simultaneously, using the latter for overflow content to minimize use of dedicated machines.

Cost. Semantria is the only solution at its price pointing offering both a private and public cloud solution. Our hybrid approach allows you to balance cost, security and scalability. You can deploy machines that scale to suit peak demand or divert it to us to handle. In short, you get the analytical power and flexibility of IBM’s approach for 10% of the price.

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Privacy. GDPR is just the beginning. Fact is, more and more data is falling under regulatory review. Semantria is uniquely capable of meeting these shifting regulatory requirements. Keep your data where it needs to be by running Semantria locally. You can even keep a separate instance for your most sensitive data. And no matter your deployment model, Semantria itself doesn’t store any content that’s passed through it.

Security. We can fit Semantria to match your regulatory compliance, internal OpSec policies, or other security requirements. Keep your data safe by processing sensitive documents in a private cloud, even while reducing costs by handling non-sensitive content in a public instance. And all our Semantria deployments feature strong end-to-end encryption.

You’re Not Alone: Work With us To Figure Out Your Best-Fit Deployment Model

This comprehensive deployment model for Semantria means that you can simultaneously configure your system, reduce your deployment overhead, and maintain control over your data.

And you can do this all while scaling cost-effectively and on-demand.

Today, data analytics tools are fully ingrained in everyone’s day-to-day work. Now more than ever, you need to deploy your analytics solutions in a secure, privacy-oriented manner.

This is a challenging problem. But it’s solvable, so long as you balance the five points above as they relate to your organization.

And you’re not alone in this effort. Whatever you need, our professional services team will work with you to tailor your deployment to ensure a perfect fit for your organization. Contact us to schedule a consultation whenever you’re ready.